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The Sermon of the Week 

December 5, 2921

***Welcome to This Week's Sermon:

“a” Church

Evanston, Wyoming

“Thy Word Is Truth: Part 16”

Psalms 119 v 121-128

“I have done judgment and justice: leave me not to mine oppressors. 122 Be surety for thy servant for good: let not the proud oppress me. 123 Mine eyes fail for thy salvation, and for the word of thy 1and teach me thy statutes. 125 I am thy servant; give me understanding, that I may know thy testimonies. 126 It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law. 127 Therefore I love thy commandments above gold; yea, above fine gold. 128 Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way.”

Father, forgive us our sins, forgive the Lost, assist the needy, help and heal the sick, help us declare and provide Your LOVE with all. Praise You , thank You, We glorify You.

Forgive me my unworthiness………………

In Yeshua’s holy name Amen and eternally Amen.

This week we turn to the sixteenth division of Psalms 119, entitled: Ain.

In this section the Psalmist,

*Makes a profession of his integrity.

*Prays for protection against his enemies.

*Resolves to walk in the right way.

“The Word of God”

I lie here broken and hurting,
Crying out and wanting to scream,
Battered and bruised, guilty and frightened,
Hoping its all been a dream.

I cry out to God in frustration,
I lay it all, open and bare.
The fear and the pain, feelings and failings,
Sent up to God in a prayer.

Then drawn to the word of the Lord,
I find it in black and white.
The words of the psalms expressing my heart,
Filling my darkness with light.

I still feel the pain and the sorrow,
I still find it hard to cope,
But God is good, faithful and true.
His word gives me comfort and hope.

(unknown author)

God’s beLOVED Word certainly brings comfort and hope to those who sincerely seek Him and choose by “faith” to believe in God and His splendid Word…


V 121… I have done judgment and justice: leave me not to mine oppressors.

With your Spirit’s help I have sought to make the best decisions for my life and to give fair judgment and true justice to those you have given me to serve. My goal was always to obey your Word…

This was a great thing for an Eastern ruler to say at any time, for these tyrannical rulers mostly cared more for gain than justice. Some of them altogether neglected their duty, and would not even do judgment at all, preferring their pleasures to their duties; and many more of them sold their judgments to the highest bidders by taking bribes, or regarding the persons of men. Some rulers gave neither judgment nor justice, others gave judgment without justice, but David gave judgment and justice, and saw that his sentences were carried out. He could claim before the Lord that he had dealt out even handed justice, and was doing so still. On this fact he founded a plea with which he backed the prayer.

David who, as far as his power goes, had been doing right, and may hope to be delivered from his superiors when attempts are made by them to do him wrong. If I will not oppress others, I may hopefully pray that others may not oppress me. A course of upright conduct is one which gives us boldness in appealing to the Great Judge for deliverance from the injustice of others. Nor is this kind of pleading to be censured as self righteous: when we are dealing with God as to our shortcomings, we use a very different tone from that with which we face the censures of our fellow men; when they are in the question, and we are guiltless towards them, we are justified in pleading our innocence.

V 122…Be surety for thy servant for good: let not the proud oppress me.

We often have people who deliberately hope to hurt us, denigrate us, to make us feel bad about ourselves and our position in life. David for a moment loses sight of God’s Word and in this verse never mentions God’s Word at all. He asks God to pledge Himself to be his guarantee of David’s life to come and to protect him here and now from all his enemies…

As we often cry out to God to save us, especially when we feel overpowered by the world’s fiery darts flung upon us. We to can lose sight of God and His promises that are found in His Word. ***In those moments we can feel emotionally numb and quite alone…

It is then we must cry out to God for redemption and deliverance from sin, whether our own or sins of others thrust upon us…

We cry out to God, do not leave thy poor servant to die by the hand of our enemy and thine. Take up my interests and weave them with thine own, and stand for me. As my Master, undertake thy servants' cause, and represent me before the faces of haughty men till they see what an imposing ally I have in the Lord my God.

We would have been crushed beneath our proud adversary the devil if our Lord Jesus had not stood between us and the accuser, and become a surety for us. It is by his suretyship that we escape like a bird from the snare of the fowler. What a blessing to be able to leave our matters in our Surety's hands, knowing that all will be well, since he has an answer for every accuser, a rebuke for every reviler.

Good people dread oppression, for it makes even a wise person angry and they send up their cries to heaven for deliverance; nor shall they cry in vain, for the Lord will undertake the cause of His servants, and fight their battles against the proud. The word "servant" is wisely used, as a plea for favor for himself, and the word "proud" as an argument against his enemies.

Psalms 10 v 12

“Arise, O LORD; O God, lift up thine hand: forget not the humble.”

***As for the proud it seems to be inevitable that they will become oppressors, and that they will take most delight in oppressing really gentle and gracious people.

Psalms 86 v 14

“O God, the proud are risen against me, and the assemblies of violent men have sought after my soul; and have not set thee before them.”

May we truly be God’s servants that He most certainly will be our surety of ultimate victory and of eternal salvation…….

Ephesians 1 v 13-14

“In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, 14 who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.”

V 123…Mine eyes fail for thy salvation, and for the word of thy righteousness.

In the depths of my despair my eyes have begun to fail me. My eyes overflow with anguish, and the promise of your salvation and deliverance seems so far off; almost to the point of non-existence…

David looked to God alone, he looked eagerly, he looked long, he looked till his eyes began to ache with doubt. The mercy is, that if our eyes fail, God does not fail, nor do his eyes fail. Eyes are tender things, and so is our faith, our hope and our expectations: the Lord will not try them above what they are able to bear.

1 Corinthians 10 v 13

“There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”

His eyes as well as his ears waited for the Lord's Word: he looked to see the divine Word come forth as a fiat for his deliverance. He was "waiting for the verdict", the verdict of righteousness itself. How happy are we if we have righteousness on our side; for then that which is the sinners' terror is our hope, that which the proud dread is our expectation and desire.

David left his reputation entirely in the Lord's hand, and was eager to be cleared by the Word of the Judge rather than by any defense of his own. He knew that he had done right, and, therefore, instead of avoiding the supreme court, he begged for the sentence which he knew would work out his deliverance. He even watched with eager eyes for the judgment and the deliverance, the Word of righteousness from God which meant salvation to himself.

As water rises on our Titanic, as our faith gives way to fear, LET US STAND UP, STAND STRONG IN THE LORD, HIS WORD PROMISES DELIVERENCE AND WE SHALL BE DELIVERED!!!!!!! For we believe in “The” God, the True God, the only God and He will deliver us!!!!!!!

Psalms 6 v 10

“Let all mine enemies be ashamed and sore vexed: let them return and be ashamed suddenly.”

The wicked the eternally unrepentant SHALL BE ASHAMED…….

As for the genuine believer, the truly “born again”:

Romans 10 v 8-11

“But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach; 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.”

That is you and me, if you are saved today…

Our hope, our faith, our absolute trust in Jesus Christ CAN NEVER EVER BE PUT TO SHAME!!!!!!!

Amen and Amen…

V 124…Deal with thy servant according unto thy mercy, and teach me thy statutes.

Again the Psalmist pleads his cause to the One True God, only you oh God can extend mercy unto your servant; please he begs only you can give me the ability to learn and understand your statutes, only you can teach me your ways of holy righteousness…

Here David recollects himself: although before men he seemed perfect and upright, yet before the Lord, as his servant, he felt that he must appeal to mercy. We feel safest here. Our heart has more rest in the cry, "God be merciful to me, "than in appealing to justice. It is well to be able to say, "I have done judgment and justice, "and then to add in all lowliness, yet "deal with thy servant according unto thy mercy."

The title of servant covers a plea; a master should clear the character of his servant if he be falsely accused, and rescue him from those who would oppress him; and, moreover, the master should show mercy to a servant? Even if he deals severely with a stranger. The Lord has communications with His servants, not spurning them, but communing with them; and this He does in a tender and merciful way, for in any other form of dealing we should be crushed into the dust.

We may expect a master to teach his own servant the meaning of his own orders. Yet since our ignorance arises from our own sinful stupidity, it is great mercy on God's part that He condescends to instruct us in his commands. For our ruler to become our teacher is an act of great grace, for which we cannot be too grateful. Among our mercies this is one of the choicest.

v 125…I am thy servant; give me understanding, that I may know thy testimonies.

I am your eternal bond servant, please give me understanding of your ways that I may know and daily, moment by moment walk in your Word in obedience…Only you God can do this for me, only you!!!

This is the third time David the Psalmist has repeated this title in this one section: he evidently deeply believes in his servant hood, and conceives it to be very effective plea. We who rejoice that we are sons of God are by no the less delighted to be His servants. ***Did not the firstborn Son assume the servant's form and fulfill the servant's labor to the full? What high, honor can the younger brethren desire than to be made like the Heir of all good things.

Philippians 4 v 8

“And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.”

Jesus Christ humbled Himself, became a man; a servant of us all, that He died on the cross for all of our sins…

In verse 124, David seeks to be taught; but here he goes much further, and craves understanding. Usually, if the instructor supplies the teaching, the pupil finds the understanding; but in our case we are far more dependent, we must beg for understanding as well as teaching: this the human teacher cannot give on their own, and we are thrice happy that our Divine Tutor can furnish us with it.

We are to confess ourselves fools, and then our Lord will make us wise, as well as give us knowledge. The best understanding is that which enables us to render perfect obedience and to exhibit intelligent faith, and it is this which David desires.

Some would rather not know these things; they prefer to be at ease in the dark rather than possess the light which leads to repentance and diligence. The servant of God longs to know in an understanding manner all that the Lord reveals of mankind and to mankind; he wishes to be so instructed that he may apprehend and comprehend that which is taught him.

A servant should not be ignorant concerning his master, or His master's business; we should study the mind, will, purpose, and aim of Him whom we serve, for so only can we complete God’s service; and as no person knows these things so well as our master Himself, we should often go to Him for instructions, lest our very zeal should only serve to make us the greater blunderer.

2 Timothy 2 v 15

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

It is remarkable that the Psalmist does not pray for understanding through acquiring knowledge, but begs of the Lord first that he may have the gracious gift of understanding, and then may obtain the desired instruction. All that we know before we have understanding is apt to spoil us and breed vanity in us; but if there be first an understanding heart, then the stores of knowledge enrich the soul, and bring neither sin nor sorrow therewith. Moreover, this gift of understanding acts also in the form of discernment and thus the child of God knows what are and what are not the testimonies of the Lord.

Acts 17 v 11

“These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”

If we LOVE the Lord and His inerrant Word how much time should we dedicate to reading and serving Him???

V 126… It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law.

David was a servant, and therefore it was always his time to work: but being oppressed by a sight of man's ungodly behavior, he feels that his Master's hand is wanted, and therefore he appeals to Him to work against the working of evil. Mankind makes void the law of God by denying it to be His law, by creating commands and doctrines in opposition to it, by setting up tradition in its place, or by utterly disregarding and scorning the authority of the lawgiver.

Then sin becomes fashionable, and a holy walk is regarded as a contemptible Puritanism; vice is styled pleasure, and vanity bears the bell. Then the Saints sigh for the presence and power of their God: Oh for an hour of the King upon the throne and the rod of iron! Oh for another Pentecost with all its wonders, to reveal the energy of God to gain sayers, and make them see that there is a God in Israel!

Man's extremity, whether of need or sin, is God's opportunity. When the earth was without form and void, the Spirit came and moved upon the face of the waters; should He not come when society is returning to a like chaos?

When Israel in Egypt were reduced to the lowest point, and it seemed that the covenant would be void, then Moses appeared and wrought mighty miracles; so, too, when the church of God is trampled down, and her message is derided, we may expect to see the hand of the Lord stretched out for the revival of religion, the defense of the truth, and the glorifying of the divine name.

The Lord can work either by judgments which hurl down the ramparts of the foe; or by revivals which build up the walls of His own Jerusalem. How heartily may we pray the Lord to raise up new evangelists, to quicken those we all early have, to set His whole church on fire, and to bring the world to His feet. God's work is ever honorable and glorious; as for our work, it is as nothing apart from Him.

V 127…Therefore I love thy commandments above gold; yea, above fine gold.

I see, you oh God do all things well, every act and judgment of yours is righteous and just. Your Word is living perfection, you are life, and life more abundantly! All genuine LOVE is from you…The finest of treasures are as dross in comparison to you…….

As it was God's time to work so it was David's time to LOVE. So far from being swayed by the example of evil men, so as to join them in rejection of the holy Writ, the Scriptures, David was led by the Holy Spirit into a more passionate LOVE of them.

As David saw the commandments insulted by the ungodly, his heart was in sympathy with God, and he felt a burning affection for his holy precepts.

***It is the mark of a true believer that we do not depend upon others for our faith, but drink water out of our own well, which springs up even when the cisterns of earth are all dried.***

Our holy poet amid a general depreciation of the law felt his own esteem of it rising so high that gold and silver sank in comparison. Wealth brings with it so many conveniences that men naturally esteem it, and gold as the symbol of it is much set by; and yet, in the judgment of the wise, God's laws are more enriching, and bring with them more comfort than all the choicest treasures. The Psalmist could not boast that he always kept the commands; but he could declare that he LOVED them; he was perfect in heart, and would fain have been perfect in life.

He judged God's holy commands to be better than the best earthly thing, yea, better than the best sort of the best earthly thing; and this esteem was confirmed and forced into expression by those very oppositions of the world which drive hypocrites to forsake the Lord and His ways.

"The dearer, for their rage, Thy words I LOVE and own, a wealthier heritage than gold and precious stone."

Its true the more people insist on demeaning God and the holy Writ the Bible, THE MORE I LOVE GOD AND HIS ETERNAL WORD!!!!!!!

V 128…Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way.

Therefore I am dedicated to all your precepts, I will not pick and choose what I believe or obey, I WILL SIMPLY BELIEVE ALL YOUR BIBLE AND SEEK TO OBEY EVER WORD IN PERFECT CONTEXT!!!

Because the ungodly found fault with the precepts of God, therefore David was all the more sure of their being right. The censure of the wicked is a certificate of merit; that which they sanction we may justly suspect, but that which they abominate we may ardently, admire. The good person’s delight in God's law is unreserved, we believe in all of God's precepts, concerning all things.

LOVE for truth leads to hatred of falsehood. This godly man was not indifferent to anything, but that which he did not LOVE he hated. He knew what he felt, and expressed it. He was no Gallio, caring for none of the things. His hatred was as unreserved as his affection; he had not a good word for any practice which would not bear the light of truth. The fact that such large multitudes follow the broad road had no influence upon this holy male, except to make him more determined to avoid every form of error and sin.

May the Holy Spirit so rule in our hearts that our affections may be in the same decided condition towards the precepts of the Word.

May we live to LOVE God and serve Him by obedience to the Bible………………………………………………………….

Submitted by: Dr. Harold Chris Smith, sbc


November 28, 2021

***Welcome to This Week's Sermon:

“a” Church

Evanston, Wyoming

“Thy Word Is Truth: Part 15”

Psalms 119 v 113-120

“I hate vain thoughts: but thy law do I love. 114 Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word. 115 Depart from me, ye evildoers: for I will keep the commandments of my God. 116 Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope. 117 Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe: and I will have respect unto thy statutes continually. 118 Thou hast trodden down all them that err from thy statutes: for their deceit is falsehood. 119 Thou puttest away all the wicked of the earth like dross: therefore I love thy testimonies. 120 My flesh trembleth for fear of thee; and I am afraid of thy judgments.”

Heavenly Father, thank You for caring about Your Children’s lives, including my own. Thank You that we can talk to You about everything. We have lots of concerns so we bring each one to You. Thank You for promising to give us Your peace.

We praise You and we LOVE being in Your presence.  Thank You for the sacrifice You made for us on the cross. Thank You for helping us rest in Your presence.  In a busy world, it is here that we find truth, grace, and mercy.  Our hearts are overwhelmingly grateful.  As they overflow with gratitude, may You present opportunities for us   to serve You, our fellow mand kind, and the Lost of Your creation.

We hate to say it, but we often have been guilty of grumbling and griping about all our problems and trials. We have failed to be thankful and to remember that You are at work in our lives, even through all the troubles. 

Please forgive us, God. We each want to be a person who keeps our eyes on You and praises You, no matter what may come our way. So, thank You Father for all the blessings You put upon us and the challenges and trails You allow in our lives to mature in our faith and LOVE. We know You are in control of all things. 

We know You LOVE us and all of Your creation, we praise You for giving us no more than we can handle and working the good and the bad for our ultimate good. We choose to trust You Lord. Teach us to be a “praiser” who always finds the good... and not a complainer who always finds the bad.  Help us this day and every day, and help us to reflect Your LOVE, grace, and mercy, to all those You put in our paths.

We praise You and THANK YOU for everything, in Yeshua’s name Amen and eternally Amen…….

Samech: The Fifteenth Division of Psalms 119

In this section the Psalmist:

*Declares his hatred for wickedness, and his abhorrence of wicked men.

*Expresses his LOVE for God’s law.

*Prays for grace to sustain him in the observance of the Word of God.

*Foretells the destruction of the wicked.

Let us cozy up to the fire and by the glow of the golden ambers let us study this beautiful section of Psalms 119…

V 113…I hate vain thoughts: but thy law do I love.

In this verse the Psalmist, David, deals with thoughts and persons which are the opposite of God's holy thoughts and ways. David is evidently in great fear of the powers of darkness (the seduction of sin and the depth of mankinds’ evil), and of their allies, and his whole soul is stirred up to stand against them with a resolute opposition. How can we not stand up for God’s holiness when humanities’ sins destroy souls??? When naive people are taken hostage and turned into vicious torturers and murderers of their own kind??? When unborn babes are slaughtered by the millions in unnecessary abortions and teens see no hope and find suicide as their only solution???

When our focus is on God’s LOVE and His sustaining Word WE CAN STAND FIRMLY IN HIS GRACE!!! As Christians the war is not for our souls but for the souls of those who are still lost in sin!!!!!!!

***We must for Christ’s sake, for LOVE’S sake, for every sinners’ sake, seek to serve God and His holy, inerrant, infallible Word that others might be drawn to the one and only true Savior: Jesus Christ…

The opposite of the fixed and infallible law of God is the wavering, changing opinion of humanity: David had an utter contempt and abhorrence for this; all his reverence and regard went to the sure Word of testimony. In proportion to his LOVE to the law was his hate of man's inventions. The thoughts of humanity are vanity; but the thoughts of God are truth. We hear much in these days of "men of thought," "thoughtful preachers, "and "modern thought": what is this but the old pride of the human heart? Vain man would be wise. The Psalmist did not glory in his thoughts; and that which was called "thought" in his day was a thing which he detested. When man thinks his best his highest thoughts are as far below those of divine revelation as the earth is beneath the heavens.

Some of our thoughts are especially vain in the sense of vain glory, pride, conceit, and self trust; others in the sense of bringing disappointment, such as fond ambition, sinful dreaming, and confidence in mankind; others in the sense of emptiness and frivolity, such as the idle thoughts and vacant romancing in which so many indulge; and, yet once more, too many of our thoughts are vain in the sense of being sinful, evil, and foolish. The Psalmist is not indifferent to evil thoughts as the careless are; but upon them he looks with a hate as true as was the LOVE with which David clung to the pure thoughts of God.

May we as genuine Christians so cling to God’s holy Word the Bible.

V 114…Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word.

In you oh God, and in you alone, I have peace, I have safety, I have sanctuary from the evil one and his exceedingly seductive ways. Thy Word gives me strength, mercy, and grace, hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity…………………………………..

There may be a time in which I may be called to suffer in secret for you and your Word; then thou hides me. There may be a time in which thou calls me to fight; then thou art my Shield and Protector.

To his God, David the Psalmist ran for shelter from vain thoughts; there he hid himself away from their tormenting intrusions, and in solemn silence of the soul he found God to be his hiding place. When called into the world, if he could not be alone with God as his hiding place, he could have the Lord with him as his shield, and by this means he could ward off the attacks of wicked suggestions. This is an experiential verse, and it testifies to that which the writer knew of his own personal knowledge: he could not fight with his own thoughts, or escape from them, till he flew to his God, and then he found deliverance. ***Observe that David does not speak of God's Word as being his double defense, but he ascribes that to God himself.***

When we are beset by very spiritual assaults, such as those which arise out of vain thoughts, we shall do well to fly distinctly to the person of our Lord, and to cast ourselves upon His real presence.

Happy is he who can truly say to the triune God, "Thou art my hiding place." He has beheld God under that glorious covenant aspect which ensures to the beholder the surest comfort.

It is easy to exercise hope where we have experienced help before. Sometimes when gloomy thoughts trouble us, the only thing we can do is to hope, and, happily, the Word of God always sets before us objects of hope and reasons for hope, so that it becomes the very sphere and support of hope, and thus wearisome thoughts can be overcome.

V 115…Depart from me, ye evildoers: for I will keep the commandments of my God.

David stands up to those who would deny God and with God’s strength tells them to leave. For his power comes from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and by the guidance and wisdom from God’s Word…

David wishes communion with God and those who genuinely seek after the Almighty.

Those who truly seek God are not likely to bear evil company. If we fly to God from vain thoughts, much more shall we avoid vain people. Kings are all too apt to be surrounded by a class of men who flatter them, and at the same time take liberty to break the laws of God: David purged his palace of such parasites; he would not harbor them beneath his roof. No doubt they would have brought upon him an ill name, for their doings would have been imputed to him, since the acts of courtiers are generally set down as acts of the court itself; therefore the king sent them packing bag and baggage, saying, "Depart from me."

Herein he anticipated the sentence of the last great day, when the Son of David shall say,

Matthew 7 v 23

“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

We cannot thus send all sinners out of our houses, but it will often become a duty to do so where there is right and reason for it.

We cannot have intimate fellowship with sinners, but we can show them LOVE, and that we do care about them. They should never be our counselors, but we certainly must take time to share with them God’s Word and plan for their lives. Counseling the best we can with God’s grace………………………………..

Remember what Paul warned:

1 Corinthians 9 v 27

“But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.”

Not that we can lose our own salvation, FOR WE CANNOT LOSE OUR SALVATION, but if we have unnecessary fellowship with sinners our personal walk and witness in this life maybe hindered or lost.

V 116…Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope.

Protect me, secure me according to the promises of your Word, give me life eternal that I may not be ashamed by my faith and hope in your Word. Allow me to lean on you and your Word when this life and it’s temptations seem to be overwhelming to me.

It is so necessary that the Lord should hold up his servant, for we could not even live without it. Our soul would die if the Lord did not continually sustain it, and every grace which makes spiritual life to be truly life would decay if God withdrew His upholding hand.

It is a sweet comfort that this great necessity of upholding is provided for in the Word, and we have not to ask for it as for an uncovenanted mercy, but simply to plead for the fulfillment of a promise, saying, "Uphold me according to thy word."

He who has given us eternal life hath in that gift secured to us all that is essential thereto, and as gracious upholding is one of the necessary things we may be sure that we shall have it.

A person would be ashamed of their hope if it turned out that it was not based upon a sure foundation; but this will never happen in our case. We may be ashamed of our thoughts, and our words, and our deeds for they spring from ourselves; but we never shall be ashamed of our hope, for that springs from the Lord our God.

Such is the frailty of our nature that unless we are continually upheld by grace, we shall all so foully as to be ashamed of ourselves, and ashamed of all those glorious hopes which are now the crown and glory of our life.

The man of God had uttered the most positive resolves, but he felt that he could not trust in his own solemn determination: hence these players. ***It is not wrong to make resolutions, but it will be useless to do so unless we salt them well with believing cries to God.*** David meant to keep the law of the Lord, but he first needed the Lord of the law to keep him.***

God must always be first in our life, and ONLY GOD CAN ASSURE THAT FOR US. *******ONLY GOD CAN ASSURE OUR ETERNAL SALVATION AS WELL!!!!!!!*******

V 117…Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe: and I will have respect unto thy statutes continually.

God only you can guarantee my eternal estate, hold me up and I WILL BE SAFE, save me and I WILL CONTINUALLY REVERE YOUR WORD……………………………………………..

Only you oh Lord can lift me up, set me free from sin, and keep me secure in your LOVING arms for all eternity. Your eternal Word so graciously declares your promises……………………………….

I shall grow weary and faint in the way, if not strengthened and supported by thee. ***No soul can be safe, unless upheld by thee.***

We are saved by past grace, but we are not safe unless we receive present grace. The Psalmist had vowed to keep the Lord's commands, but here he pleads with the Lord to keep him: a very sensible course of procedure.

To be safe is a happy condition; there is only one door to it, and that is to be held up by God himself; thank God, that door is open to the least among us.

In obedience is safety; in being held up is obedience. No person will outwardly keep the Lord's statutes for long together unless they, we, have an inward respect for the Bible, and this will never be unless the hand of the Lord perpetually upholds our heart in holy LOVE.

Perseverance to the end, obedience continually, comes only through the divine power; we start aside as a deceitful bend unless we are kept right by Him that first gave us grace.

Blessed is the person who realizes this verse in their life: upheld through their whole life in a course of unswerving integrity, they become a safe and trusted person, and maintain a sacred delicacy of conscience which is unknown to others.

They feel a tender respect for the statutes of the Lord, which keeps them clear of inconsistencies and conformities to the world that are so common among others, and hence they are a pillar in the house of the Lord.

Alas, we know some professors and pastors who are not upright, and therefore they lean to sin till they fall over, and though they are restored they are never safe or reliable, neither have they that sweet purity of soul which is the charm of the more sanctified who have been kept from falling into the mire.

May we so always be sensitive to the Spirit that our lives may not be clouded by evil distractions and that our daily private and public walk might be seen as genuine Christians by God and others……

V 118…Thou hast trodden down all them that err from thy statutes: for their deceit is falsehood.

All God’s enemies will be finally trodden down under His feet. Those who reject God’s Word will finally be seen for the foolish people they are. The sinners’ appearance of joy and happiness will be seen for what it actually is a lie! For the wicked WILL NOT BE BLESSED IN THE LEAST…

There is no holding up for them; they are thrown down and then trodden down, for they choose to go down into the wandering ways of sin. Sooner or later God will set His foot on those who turn their foot from His commands: it has always been so, and it always will be so to the end. If the salt has lost its savor, what is it fit for but to be trodden under foot? God puts away the eternally unrepentant like dross, which is only fit to be cast out as road metal to be trodden down.

They call worldly wisdom as far seeing policy, but it is absolute falsehood, and it shall be treated as such. Ordinary people call this world’s truth clever diplomacy, but the people of God call a spade a spade, and declares it to be falsehood, and nothing less, for we know that it is so in the sight of God. People who err from the right road invent pretty excuses with which to deceive themselves and others, and so quiet their consciences and maintain their credits; but their mask of falsehood is too transparent. God treads down falsehoods; they are only fit to be spurned by His feet, and crushed into the dust.

How horrified must those be who have spent all their lives in contriving a confectionery religion, and then see it all trodden upon by God as a sham which He cannot endure!

V 119…Thou puttest away all the wicked of the earth like dross: therefore I love thy testimonies.

There is no true metal in the sinner: when they are tried by the refining fire (Holy Spirit), they are burnt up; they fly off in fumes, and come to no amount.

Psalms 1 v 4

“The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.”

How very sad to think of any life so ending in no value at all. Created for life eternal, yet by foul foolish choice damned for all eternity. No life should end such, and that is why Jesus Christ died for all, and why we should do what we can to bring the Lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus…

Every life is precious to God!!!

And should be to the true Christian………………….

Hebrews 2 v 9

“But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.”

Ezekiel 18 v 23

“Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? saith the Lord GOD: and not that he should return from his ways, and live?”

Ezekiel 18 v 32

“For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord GOD: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye.”

1 Timothy 2 v 3-4

“For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; 4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.”

1 Timothy 2 v 6

“Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.”

2 Peter 3 v 9B

“…not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

God hates the sin because it damns the sinner, but God wants all sinners to be saved; BUT THEY MUST MAKE THE ULTIMATE CHOICE………………………………………..

How do we not LOVE all the Words of God for they truly are filled with His LOVE for us and plead with every jot and tittle with us for our redemption???

God will ultimately not trifle with the eternally unrepentant sinner, or handle them with kid gloves. No, He judges them to be damned by their choice, and God treats them accordingly by putting them away. God puts them away from His church, away from their honors, away from the earth, and at last away from Himself.

"Depart, "saith he, "ye cursed." If even a good man feels forced to put away the evil doers from him, much more must the thrice holy God put away the wicked. They looked like precious metal, they were intimately mixed up with it, they were laid up in the same heap; but the Lord is a refiner, and every day He removes some of the wicked from among His people, either by making a shameful discovery of their hypocrisy or by consuming them from off the earth.

They unfortunately must be put away as dross, never to be recalled. As the metal is the better for losing its alloy, so is the church the better for having the wicked removed. These wicked ones are of the earth by their choice,  and they have no right to be with those who are not of the world; the Lord perceives them to be out of place and injurious, and therefore He puts them away, all of them, leaving none of them to deteriorate His church, His bride.

One day the final judgment will come and no dross will be spared, no gold will be left impure.

Where shall we be when that great work is finished???

Even though judgment is severe by our holy Lord, it is also an expression of His perfect LOVE for the Lost and the saved. If He allowed people to sin with impunity, God would not be holy or righteous nor then should He be the object of our LOVING admiration and worship; YHWH is glorious in holiness because He thus rids His kingdom of rebels, and His temple of them that defile it.

In these evil days, when God's punishment of sinners has become the butt of proud skeptical contentions, we may regard as a mark of the true man of God that he LOVES the Lord none the less, but a great deal the more because of His righteous and just judgment of the ungodly. Amen

V 120…My flesh trembleth for fear of thee; and I am afraid of thy judgments.

I know thou art a just and holy God: I know thou requires truth in the inner parts. I know that thou art a Spirit and that they who worship thee must worship thee in spirit and in truth; and I am often alarmed lest I fall short. It is only an assurance of my interest in thy mercy that can save me from distressing fears and harassing doubts.

It is our privilege to know we are in God’s favor; and it is not less so to maintain a continual filial fear of offending Him. ***A true conception of God’s justice and mercy begets reverence.***

Such was David’s awe in the presence of the Judge of all the earth, whose judgment he had just now been considering, that he did exceedingly fear and quake. Even the grosser part of his being, his flesh, felt a solemn dread at the thought of offending one so good and great, who would so effectually sever the wicked from among the just.

Alas, poor flesh, this is the highest thing to which thou canst attain to reverential fear of our magnificent God and Savior.

God's Words of judgment are solemn, and His deeds of judgment are terrible; they may well make us afraid. At the thought of the Judge of all, His piercing eye, His books of record, His day of verdict on humanity, and the operations of His justice, we may well cry for cleansed thoughts, and hearts, and ways, lest His judgments should light on us. When we see the great Refiner separating the precious from the vile, we may well feel a godly fear, lest we should be put away by Him, and left to be trodden under His feet.

LOVE in the previous verse is quite consistent with fear in this verse: the fear which hath torment is cast out, but not the filial fear which leads to reverence and obedience.

May we always so reverence our God and our King………………….

Submitted by: Dr. Harold Chris Smith, sbc


November 21, 2021

***Welcome to This Week's Sermon:

“a” Church

Evanston, Wyoming

“Thy Word Is Truth: Part 14”

Psalms 119 v 105- 112

 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. 106 I have sworn, and I will perform it, that I will keep thy righteous judgments.
107 I am afflicted very much: quicken me, O LORD, according unto thy word. 108 Accept, I beseech thee, the freewill offerings of my mouth, O LORD, and teach me thy judgments. 109 My soul is continually in my hand: yet do I not forget thy law. 110 The wicked have laid a snare for me: yet I erred not from thy precepts. 111 Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart. 112 I have inclined mine heart to perform thy statutes alway, even unto the end.”

Lord, God, Adonai,
llowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, in our hearts as they are in Yours.

Help us be the men, woman, and children that You desire us to be, help us to be what You want us to be for each other, and Lord Adonai, help us to be what Your lost creation, and the Lost whom Your Son bled and died for.

THY WILL BE DONE…….in Yeshua’s name we pray all these things. Amen and eternally Amen.

Its hard to believe that we are already in the 14th division of Psalms 119. Even more amazing to me is how the weeks have flown by. I hope and pray you have enjoyed this fantastic psalm about the Word of God as much as I have. Consider what the author of the book of Hebrews said about the Word of God:

Hebrews 4 v 12

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” 40

For the Word of God is quick, quick means “ALIVE”; it breathes, it is active, is animated, IT LIVES! It gives life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Creation was spoken by God’s Word into existence……………….

And God said AND IT WAS SO !!!

God’s Word is sharper than a two edged sword, an edge that brings Salvation, and an edge that brings Judgment…

The Word, the Gospel that leads to eternal life or the rejection of brings eternal damnation.

God’s Word can indeed discern the heart of humanity!!!

That is the legacy of God’s Holy Word the Bible.

This week we are in the division entitled: Nun.

In this division the Psalmist points out further excellencies of God’s Word, in the use of it.

*God’s Word was a lamp to his feet to guide him through every dark place.

*It was a light to his path, ever showing him generally

the way in which he should walk.

V 105…Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

We are pedestrians through the city sidewalks and streets of this world, and we are often called to go out into its darkness; let us never venture there without the light giving Word, lest we slip with our feet. Each person should use the Word of God personally, practically, and habitually, that we may see the way and see what lies in it.

When darkness settles down upon me, the Word of the Lord, like a flaming torch, reveals my way. Having no fixed lamps in eastern towns, in old time each passenger carried a lantern with him that he might not fall into the open sewer, or stumble over the heaps of ordure which defiled the road.

***This is a true picture of our path through this dark world: we should not know the way, or how to walk in it, if Scripture, like a blazing flambeau, did not reveal it.***

One of the most practical benefits of the Holy Writ is guidance in the acts of daily, moment by moment life: it is not sent to astound us with its brilliance, but to guide us by its instruction.

It is true the head needs illumination, but even more the feet need direction, else head and feet may both fall into a ditch. Blessed is the person who personally uses God's Word in daily practice…

Solomon said,

Proverbs 6 v 23

“For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:”

God’s Word is a candle which may be held in the hand to give us light in every dark place and chamber; and it is a universal light shining upon all His works, and upon all our ways.

It is a lamp by night, a light by day, and a delight at all times. David guided his own steps by it, and also saw the difficulties of his road by its beams. He who walks in darkness is sure, sooner or later, to stumble; while he who walks by the light of day, or by the lamp of night, stumbles not, but keeps his uprightness. Ignorance is painful upon practical subjects; it breeds indecision and suspense, and these are uncomfortable: the Word of God, by imparting heavenly knowledge, leads to decision, and when that is followed by determined resolution, as in this case, it brings with it great restfulness of heart.

V 106…I have sworn, and I will perform it, that I will keep thy righteous judgments.

Perhaps this means no more than that David had renewed his covenant with God; he had bound himself to LOVE and serve God only.

Under the influence of the clear light of knowledge David had firmly made up his mind, and solemnly declared his resolve in the sight of God. Perhaps mistrusting his own fickle mind, he had pledged himself in sacred form to abide faithful to the determinations and decisions of his God. Whatever path might open before him, he was sworn to follow that only upon which the lamp of the Word was shining.

***The Scriptures are God's judgments, or verdicts, upon great moral questions; these are all righteous, and hence righteous people should be resolved to keep them at all hazards, since it must always be right to do right.***

This also is Holiness of heart, mind, and spirit……………….

Let us be holy as God is holy!!! So says the LIVING WORD OF GOD THE BIBLE………………………………………………

Matthew 5 v 48

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

1 Thessalonians 4 v 7-8

“For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness.
8 He therefore that despiseth, despiseth not man, but God, who hath also given unto us his holy Spirit.”

Holy, perfect, through LOVE……………………………………

Experience shows that the less of covenanting and swearing people formally enter upon the better, and the genius of our Savior’s teaching is against all supererogatory pledging and swearing; and yet under the gospel we ought to feel ourselves as much bound to obey the Word of the Lord as if we had taken an oath so to do.

True LOVE is a very binding supernatural force that creates unbelievable power and desire. In the case of LOVING God the power to serve, to obey, to purify oneself, to give oneself completely and totally to God, to desire with your whole being to be just like Him without any fear or anxiety THAT IT MUST BE SO, BUT RATHER, “I WANT IT TO BE SO”………………………………………

Thus having taken the Word into our hearts by a firm resolve to obey it, we have a lamp within our souls as well as in the Book, and our course will be light unto the end.


V 107…I am afflicted very much: quicken me, O LORD, according unto thy word.

According to the last verse David the Psalmist had been sworn in as a soldier of the Lord, and in this next verse he is called to suffer hardness in that capacity. Our service of the Lord does not screen us from trial, but rather secures it for us. The Psalmist was a consecrated man, and yet a chastened man; nor were his chastisements light; for it seemed as if the more he was obedient the more he was afflicted. He evidently felt the rod to be cutting deep, and this he pleads before the Lord. He speaks not by way of murmuring, but by way of pleading; from the very much affliction he argues for very much quickening.

We often feel overpowered by our trials and temptations. We often feel we can bear no more like David, but in his ponderous afflictions he cries out to the Almighty for relief, rescue, and final victory…

Give me life (quickening) from all my sorrows.

This is the best remedy for tribulation; the soul is raised above the thought of present distress, and is filled with that holy joy which attends all vigorous spiritual life, and so the affliction grows light. Jehovah alone can quicken, give life: Jehovah has life in Himself, and therefore can communicate it readily; He can give us life at any moment, yea, at this present instant; for it is of the nature of quickening (life) to be quick (speedy) in its operation.

The Lord has promised, prepared, and provided this blessing of renewed life for all His waiting servants: it is a covenant blessing, and it is as obtainable as it is needful.

Frequently the affliction is made the means of the receiving life, even as the stirring of a fire promotes the heat of the flame. In their affliction some desire death, let us pray for life.

Our trepidation under trial is often very gloomy, let us entreat the Lord to deal with us, not according to our fears, but according to his own Word.

David had but few promises to quote, and probably these were in his own psalms, yet he pleads the Word of the Lord; how much more should we do so, since to us so many holy men and women have spoken by the Spirit of the Lord in that wonderful library which is now our Bible.

***Seeing we have more promises, let us offer more prayers.***


V 108…Accept, I beseech thee, the freewill offerings of my mouth, O LORD, and teach me thy judgments.

The living praise the living God, and therefore the quickened (living) one presents his sacrifice. David offers prayer, praise, confession, and testimony, these, presented with his voice in the presence of an audience, were the tribute of his mouth unto Jehovah.

He trembles lest these should be so ill uttered as to displease the Lord, and therefore he implores acceptance. He pleads that the homage of his mouth was cheerfully and spontaneously rendered; all his utterances were freewill offerings.

***There can be no value in extorted confessions: God's revenues are not derived from forced taxation, but from freewill donation.***

CHOICE is God’s gift to humanity, and with CHOICE is the potential of man’s most glorious good, CHOOSING GOD BY THE POWER AND GRACE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT…………………………

There can be no acceptance where there is no willingness; there is no work of free grace where there is no fruit of free will. Acceptance is a favor to be sought from the Lord with all earnestness, for without it our offerings are worse than useless.

***What a wonder of grace that the Lord will accept anything of such unworthy ones as we are!***

When we render unto the Lord our best, we become all the more concerned to do better. If, indeed, the Lord shall accept us, we then desire to be further instructed, that we may be still more acceptable, After quickening we need teaching: life without light, or zeal without knowledge, would be but half a blessing. These repeated cries for teaching show the humility of the man of God, and also discover to us our own need of similar instruction.

Our judgment needs educating till it knows, agrees with, and acts upon, the judgments of the Lord.

Those judgments are not always so clear as to be seen at once; we need to be taught in them till we admire their wisdom and adore their goodness as soon as we perceive them.

V 109…My soul is continually in my hand: yet do I not forget thy law.

My life is continually in danger of loss yet with all the fiery darts that Satan throws my way I WILL NOT FORGET THY LAW!

David lived in the midst of danger. He had to be always fighting for existence, hiding in caves, or contending in battles. This is a very uncomfortable and precarious state of affairs, and most people are willing to compromise their faith and to consider it very expedient and justifiable by which they can end such a condition: but David did not turn aside to find safety, for he says, Yet do I not forget thy law.

They say that all things are fair in LOVE and war; but the holy man thought not so: while he carried his life in his hand, he also carried the law in his heart.

No danger of body should make us endanger our souls by forgetting that which is right. Trouble makes many a man forget his duty, and it would have had the same effect upon the Psalmist if he had not obtained quickening (Life), and teaching. In his memory of the Lord's law lay his safety; he was certain not to be forgotten of God, for God was not forgotten of him. It is a special proof of grace when nothing can drive truth out of our thoughts, or holiness out of our lives. If we remember the law even when death stares us in the face, we may be well assured that the Lord is remembering us.

V 110…The wicked have laid a snare for me: yet I erred not from thy precepts.

The wicked, the world seeks to destroy me at every point, temptations abound all around me, yet by your grace I have not sinned.

Spiritual life is the scene of constant danger: the believer lives with his life in his hand, and meanwhile all seem plotting to take it from him, by cunning if they cannot by violence. We shall not find it an easy thing to live the life of the faithful. Wicked spirits and wicked men will leave no stone unturned for our destruction. If all other devices fail, and even hidden pits do not succeed, the wicked still persevere in their treacherous endeavors, and, becoming craftier still, they set snares for the victim of their hate.

The smaller species of game are usually taken by this method, by gin, or trap, or net, or noose. Wicked men are quite indifferent as to the manner in which they can destroy the good man, they think no more of him than if he were a rabbit or a rat: cunning and treachery are always the allies of malice, and everything like a generous or chivalrous feeling is unknown among the graceless, who treat the godly as if they were vermin to be exterminated.

David calmly kept his way, and was able to write, Yet I erred not from thy precepts. He was not snared, for he kept his eyes open, and kept near his God. He was not entrapped and robbed, for he followed the King's highway of holiness, where God secures safety to every traveler.

David did not err from the right, and he was not deterred from following it, because he referred to the Lord for guidance, and obtained it. If we lose sight of the precepts, we part with the promises; if we get away from God's presence, we wander into the wilds where the fowlers freely spread their nets.

From this verse let us learn to be on our guard, for we, too, have enemies both crafty and wicked. Hunters set their traps in the animals’ usual runs, and our worst snares are laid in our own ways. By keeping to the ways of the Lord we shall escape the snares of our adversaries, for his ways are safe and free from treachery.

Let us keep our focus on God and His holy Word…………………..

V 111…Thy testimonies have I taken as a heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart.

As we have received God’s Word from those who have come before us, may we leave to our children the saving blessed Word of God the Bible!!!!!!!

If a man can leave nothing to his child but a Bible, in that he bequeaths him the greatest treasure in the universe.

David chose them as his lot, his portion, his estate; and what is more, he laid hold upon them and made them so, taking them into possession and enjoyment. David's choice is our choice. If we might have our desire, we would desire to keep the commands of God perfectly.

To know the doctrine, to enjoy the promise, to practice the command, be this a kingdom large enough for me. Here we have an inheritance which cannot fade and cannot be alienated; it is for ever, and ours for ever, if we have so taken it.

Sometimes, like Israel at the first coming into Canaan, we have to take our heritage by hard fighting, and, if so, it is worthy of all our labor and suffering; but always it has to be taken by a decided choice of the heart and grip of the will. What God gives we must take.

The gladness which had come to David through the Word of the Lord had caused him to make an unalterable choice of it. All the parts of Scripture had been pleasing to David, and were so still and therefore he stuck to them, and meant to stick to them for ever.

That which rejoices the heart is sure to be chosen and treasured. It is not the head knowledge but the heart experience which brings the joy.

How good a thing it is when experience ripens into joy, passing up through sorrow, prayer, conflict, hope, decision, and holy content into rejoicing! Joy fixes the spirit: when once a person’s heart rejoices in the divine Word, they greatly value it, and are for ever united to it.

V 112…I have inclined mine heart to perform thy statutes alway, even unto the end.

By the grace and mercy that God has bestowed upon me I have given my heart wholly and for ever to God’s statutes.

The Psalmist David was not half inclined to purity, but heartily inclined to it. His whole heart was bent on practical, persevering godliness. David was resolved to keep the statutes of the Lord with all his heart, throughout all his time, without erring or ending. He made it his end to keep the law unto the end, and that without end.

He had by prayer, and meditation, and resolution made his whole being lean towards God's commands; or as we should say in other words, the grace of God had inclined him to incline his heart in a sanctified direction.

Many are inclined to preach, but the Psalmist was inclined to practice; many are inclined to perform ceremonies, but he was inclined to perform statutes; many are inclined to obey occasionally, but David would obey always; and, alas, many are inclined for temporary religion, but this godly man was bound for eternity, he would perform the statutes of his Lord and King even unto the end.

Lord, send us such a heavenly inclination of heart as this: then shall we so speak of our renewed life and the eternal greatness of your Word. To this end create in us a clean heart, and daily renew a right spirit within us, for only so shall we incline in the right direction.

God be praised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Dr. Harold Chris Smith, sbc


November 14, 2021

***Welcome to This Week's Sermon: 

“a” Church

Evanston, Wyoming

“Thy Word Is Truth: Part 13”

Psalms 119 v 97-104

“O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day. 98 Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me. 99 I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation. 100 I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts. 101 I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep thy word. 102 I have not departed from thy judgments: for thou hast taught me. 103 How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.”

Lord, God, YHWH,

                              We with every fiber of our beings praise You and Magnify Your holy, holy, holy name. We thank You for all the blessings and wisdom we receive from reading and actively following Your Holy Writ. Thank You for all the evils we avoid by simply summiting to Your will, through, Your Word, in our moment by moment lives. We humbly, with broken hearts yet of consummate overwhelming ecstasy are amazed at Your wonderful mercies and grace during those times we go our own way. How You call us back patiently, waiting for us to return to You and the teachings and truth, that the Holy Spirit provides us by Your precepts. Life with You is so exciting and epic we praise You for this as well as You always being the same, yesterday, today, and all the days that follow throughout all eternity, and always keeping You promises. Above all Lord, we give all the praise, honor, and glory for Your unimaginable LOVE, on and off the cross, in You Father, in Your Son Yeshua , and in Your Holy Spirit, the great 3 in 1…….

Lord Adonai, let us have 3 goals in our lives, First…To LOVE you with all our minds, bodies, souls, and spirit. Second…To LOVE all of Your creation as You would have us do. And finally, Third…Help us with all You have put in us, to worship You, and to share the LOVE of Christ, the Truth of Christ, and the Humility of Jesus  Christ with whoever You put in our paths.

We pray all these things in the name of our Lord God and Savior Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah//Christ of God, Amen and eternally Amen…….   

“Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.”

God the Holy Spirit IS THE ‘SPIRIT OF TRUTH’, and through Him David was divinely inspired to say in an earlier psalm:

Psalms 100 v 5

“For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.”


*******God promises no matter how much the world or false religious leaders, or false denominations, or false religions may attempt to corrupt the Word of God the Bible ultimately THEY CANNOT SUCCEED, THEY WILL FAIL!!!*******

Yes indeed many attempts have been made to miss-translate, add to, take away from, and even creating additional books that claim equal or even greater inspiration than the Bible, but all these ARE PROVED FALSE BY THE PLETHORA OF QUALITY TRANSLATED AND QUALITY COPIED VERSIONS OF THE BIBLE THAT HOLY SPIRIT,


Amen and Amen……………………………………………..

Even these words I speak are here testified to in Psalms 119 of the incorruptibility of God’s Word and the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible’s disposition…


In this division we see, the affection of the Palmist for the law of God and the great benefits he received as a direct consequence of his LOVING devotion and willing obedience to it’s precepts.

V 97…O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day.

As a volcano erupts from the depths of the earth, so the Psalmist’s LOVE for the Word of God comes from the intensity of his entire being. He is so very much in LOVE with God and His Word that every part of his spiritual and material being is energized and blessed by the LOVE of his heart and soul…

This beautiful LOVE that is manifested in David’s moment by moment desire to obey God and His awesome Word…

 LOVE and Obedience go hand in hand, locked in a perfect,

harmonious axis created by God’s grace and LOVE…….

The Psalmist LOVES so much that he must express his LOVE, and in making the attempt he perceives that it is inexpressible and therefore cries, "O how I love!" We not only reverence but LOVE the law, we obey it out of LOVE, and even when it chides us for disobedience we LOVE it none the less. The law is God's law, and therefore it is our LOVE.

***We LOVE it for its holiness, and pine to be holy.***

***We LOVE it for its wisdom, and study to be wise.***

***We LOVE it for its perfection, and long to be perfect.***

Those who know the power of the gospel perceive an infinite LOVELINESS in the law as they see it fulfilled and embodied in Jesus Christ…
How is this possible by daily meditating upon God’s Holy Writ.

We are not to envision that the prophet did nothing else but meditate on the Word; but this, first of all; that no day passed over his head wherein he did not meditate on the Word; yes, that he took every occasion of meditating on the Word.

Acts 17 v 11

“These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”

True worship of God, true LOVE for God includes a willingly joyous desire to study God’s Word as often as possible.

Its not a matter of finding the time for study of God’s Word, but rather making the time for other things as well…

God, God’s Word first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David was never weary of meditating. Though he had many other things wherein to occupy himself, yet he forgot not the meditation of the Word. His mind was not by any other employment alienated from the meditation of the Word, but the more thereby provoked thereunto. As a man that hath labored never so much one day in his calling, is not to be wearied thereby, but that he labored afresh the next day, and so day after day: so was it with the prophet touching this act of meditation.

“Holy Scripture is not a book for the lazy: it is not a book which can be interpreted without, and apart from, and by the deniers of, that Holy Spirit by whom it came. Rather it is a field, upon the surface of which, if sometimes we gather manna easily and without labor, and given, as it were, freely to our hands, yet of which also, many portions are to be cultivated with pains and toil ere they will yield food for the use of man. This bread of life also is to be eaten in the wholesome sweat of our brow.”       Richard Chenevix Trench, 1807


V 98…Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me.

True wisdom and the only wisdom comes from the Logos of God, Jesus Christ and Him alone…

Once again the Psalmist, David, acknowledges that God through His Holy Word gives wisdom to those who seek Him. We may read, and read we must for LOVE sake, but it is God that opens our eyes and makes us able to receive the truth of God that is found in the Holy Scriptures…….

Some have thought that this Psalm was composed by Daniel, and that he speaks of himself in these verses. Being instructed by God, he was found to have more knowledge than any of the Chaldeans, magicians, soothsayers, and his wisdom soon appeared to the whole nation vastly superior to theirs.

But the point is clear the true Christian who LOVES the Lord and His Holy Writ, and seeks to obey it with his whole heart IS WISER THAN THE WISIEST INTELLECT THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER.

For they are ever with me.  The Psalmist is referring to God’s Word, he was always studying or obeying the commandments; they were his choice and constant companions.

If we wish to become adept we must be unfaltering. If we keep the wise law ever near us we shall become wise, and when our adversaries assail us we shall be prepared for them with that ready wit which lies in having the Word of God at our fingers' tips. As a soldier in battle must never lay aside his shield, so must we never have the Word of God out of our minds; it must be ever with us.

V 99…I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation.

If we truly seek the Lord our God first and foremost with every fiber of our being we WILL BECOME WISER THAN THOSE WHO SEEK HIM NOT, OR SEEK HIM ONLY ON SUNDAY. Our wisdom of God’s truth will grow and those who simply profess to LOVE Him will grow stagnant if they do not genuinely LOVE Him and seek to know Him by His Holy Scriptures…

That which the Lord had taught the Psalmist had been useful in the camp, and now he finds it equally valuable in the schools. Our teachers are not always to be trusted; in fact, we may not follow any of them implicitly, for God holds us to account for our personal judgments. It behooves us then to follow closely the chart of the Word of God, that we may be able to save the vessel when even the pilot errs. If our teachers should be in all things sound and safe, they will be right glad for us to excel them, and they will ever be ready to own that the teaching of the Lord is better than any teaching which they can give us.

***Followers of Christ who sit at His feet are often better skilled in divine things than doctors of divinity.***

For thy testimonies are my meditation. This is the best mode of acquiring understanding. We may hear the wisest teachers and remain fools, but if we meditate upon the sacred Word we must become wise. There is more wisdom in the testimonies of the Lord than in all the teachings of men if they were all gathered into one vast library. The one book outweighs all the rest. David does not hesitate to speak the truth in this place concerning himself, for he is quite innocent of self consciousness. In speaking of his understanding he means to praise the law and the Lord, and not himself. There is not a grain of boasting in these bold expressions, but only a sincere childlike desire to set forth the excellence of the Lord's Word. He who knows the truths taught in the Bible will be guilty of no egotism if he believes himself to be possessed of more important truth than all the agnostic professors buried and unburied.

V 100…I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.

We are even more blessed than David for we have the complete Bible, all “66” books of the Old and New Testaments. We have been so honored to have the one and only Messiah revealed to us in God’s only begotten son Jesus Christ the only Savior of the world…

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob new in part, but God’s whole revelation to mankind has been opened to us in Jesus and His redemptive work upon the cross.

So for David he had been taught to observe in heart and life the precepts of the Lord, and this was more than the most venerable sinner had ever learned, more than the philosopher of antiquity had so much as aspired to know. He had the Word with him, and so outstripped his foes; lie meditated on it, and so outran his friends; he practiced it, and so outshone his elders. The instruction derived from Holy Scripture is useful in many directions, superior from many points of view, unrivalled everywhere and in every way. As our soul may make her boast in the Lord, so may we boast in his Word. "There is none like it: give it me, "said David as to Goliath's sword, and we may say the same as to the Word of the Lord. If men prize antiquity they have it here. The ancients are had in high repute, but what did they all know compared with that which we perceive in the divine precepts? "The old is better" says one: but the oldest of all is the best of all, and what is that but the Word of the Ancient of days.

V 101…I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep thy word.

With my whole heart and by the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling in me I have sincerely sought to obey every Word of your law, and attempted to avoid any temptation of sin.

There is no treasuring up the Holy Word unless there is a casting out of all ungodliness: if we keep the good Word we must let go of the evil. David had zealously watched his steps and put a check upon his conduct, he had refrained his feet. No one evil way could entice him, for he knew that if he went astray but in one road he had practically left the way of righteousness, therefore he avoided every false way.

The bypaths were smooth and flowery, but he knew right well that they were evil, and so he turned his feet away, and held on along the strait and thorny pathway which leads to God. It is a pleasure to look back upon self conquests, "I have refrained, " and a greater delight still to know that we did this out of no mere desire to stand well with our fellows, but with the one motive of keeping the law of the Lord.

Sin avoided that obedience may be perfected is the essence of this verse; or it may be that the Psalmist would teach us that there is no real reverence for the book where there is not carefulness to avoid every transgression of its precepts. How can we keep God's Word if we do not keep our own works from becoming vile?

Holiness of mind, body, and spirit is the pledge of the genuine Christian who LOVES God and LOVES God’s Word the Bible…

There is no other way.

V 102…I have not departed from thy judgments: for thou hast taught me.

Because I am dependant on you Oh God to teach me your laws and to sustain me in obeying them I have not departed from them. When we keep our focus on God and His Word we are capable of great and noble things, even holiness through LOVE!

What we learn from the Lord we never forget. God's instructions have

practical effects, we follow His way when He teaches us; and it has an abiding effect, we do not depart from holiness. Read this verse in connection with the preceding and you get the believer's "I have, "and his "I have not": he is good both positively and negatively. What he did, namely, "refrained his feet, "preserved him from doing that which otherwise he might have done, namely, "departed from thy judgments."

*He who is careful not to go an inch aside will not leave the road.

*He who never touches the intoxicating cup will never be drunk.

*He who never utters an idle word will never be profane.

If we begin to depart a little we can never tell where we shall end. Just a thought can lead us into sin. The Lord brings us to persevere in holiness by abstinence from the beginning of sin; but whatever be the method He is the worker of our perseverance, and to God be all the glory.

V 103…How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

What deep communion must this man have had with his Maker! These expressions show a soul filled with God.

Oh Christians, how vastly superior are our privileges!

And alas! How vastly inferior in general, are our consolations, our communion with God, and our heavenly-mindedness! God offers His children so much and we live up to so little.

May each of us truly grow in grace, that we genuinely LOVE God and His Holy awesome Word as David did! May God and His precepts be the daily delight of our eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As candy is to a child, may God’s Word be the rock candy of our souls……………………………………………………

V 104…Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.

Spiritual knowledge increases while we tread in the path of obedience. Obedience is the magnificent means of growth and instruction. Obedience trades with the talent of grace, and thus grace becomes multiplied.

Oh that our faith would be magnified by our obedience to God and His Word.

Obedience to the divine will begets wisdom of mind and action. As God's way is always best, those who follow it are sure to be justified by the result.

If the Lawgiver were foolish his law would be the same, and obedience to such a law would involve us in a thousand mistakes; but as the reverse is the case, we may count ourselves happy to have such a wise, prudent, and beneficial law to be the rule of our lives.

We are wise if we obey and we grow wise by obeying! Therefore I hate every false way. Because he had understanding, and because of the divine precepts, he detested sin and falsehood. Every sin is a falsehood; we commit sin because we believe a lie, and in the end the flattering evil turns a liar to us and we find ourselves betrayed.

 hearts are not indifferent about falsehood, they grow warm in indignation: as they LOVE the truth, so they hate the lie.

***True Saints have a universal horror of all that is untrue, they tolerate no falsehood or folly, they set their faces against all error of doctrine or wickedness of life.***

He who is a LOVER of one sin is in league with the whole army of sins; we must have neither truce nor discussion with even one of these Amalekites, for the Lord hath war with them from generation to generation, and so must we.

James 2 v 10

For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.”

 It is well to be a good hater. And what is that? A hater of no living being, but a hater of "every false way."

 The way of self will, of self righteousness, of worldliness, of pride, of unbelief, of hypocrisy, these are all false ways, and therefore not only to be shunned, but to be abhorred.

This final verse of this division marks a great advance in character, and shows that the man of God is growing stronger, bolder, and happier than aforetime. He has been taught of the Lord, so that he discerns between the precious and the vile, and while he LOVES

the truth fervently he hates falsehood intensely.

May all of us reach this state of discrimination and determination, so that we may greatly glorify God.

Submitted by: Dr. Harold Chris Smith, sbc


November 7, 2021

***Welcome to This Week's Sermon:

“a” Church

Evanston, Wyoming 

“Thy Word Is Truth: Part 12” 

Psalms 119 v 89-96 

“For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. 90 Thy faithfulness is unto all generations: thou hast established the earth, and it abideth. 91 They continue this day according to thine ordinances: for all are thy servants. 92 Unless thy law had been my delights, I should then have perished in mine affliction. 93 I will never forget thy precepts: for with them thou hast quickened me. 94 I am thine, save me; for I have sought thy precepts. 95 The wicked have waited for me to destroy me: but I will consider thy testimonies. 96 I have seen an end of all perfection: but thy commandment is exceeding broad.” 

Let us pray: 

Oh Father, we thank You today for the gift of praise. Thank You for revealing Yourself to mankind through Your Word, by Your Spirit, and in Your creation, that we might stand in awe of You. You alone are worthy of praise and glory and honor, for You have created all things, that in all things You might be preeminent. For every request that we offer, every supplication that we raise, and every intercession we make, let us never neglect to render the praise You are due.

Most Righteous Savior, thank You for Your unconditional LOVE.  It is because of this great LOVE that Your children live in the freedom that Yeshua has given us.  Thank You for opening my eyes, all of our eyes to the truth that is found in Your inerrant, infallible and holy word the Bible. Mighty Savior, thank You for rescuing Your children from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Your Son, Yeshua.  But Father, we are so heartbroken because most of our family, friends, and the people all around us have not accepted Your Son, Yeshua, as their Lord and savior.  Use us as Your vessels to go and share in genuine LOVE  to all people the gospel, that we each so eternally and desperately need, so that as many will, come, know, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Yeshua the one and only Messiah of YHWH, that every man, woman, and child may have eternal LOVE, peace, and joy throughout eternity.

In Yeshua//Jesus’ most glorious and wonderful name, Amen and eternally Amen…….

“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”

Joshua 1 v 8

While studying Psalms 119 I have made an effort to begin with quotes from famous clergy and Theologians that I hope solidified the significance and substance that God’s Holy Scriptures the Bible means to the proper physical and spiritual life of the maturing believer.

Today I have chose to quote Joshua, King David, and Paul…

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.”

Psalms 1 v 2

“Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine…
15 Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.”

1 Timothy 4 v 13, 15

Each quote brilliantly makes apparent the need for all Christians to meditate soberly and seriously on the Bible if one truly LOVES God and wants to grow in His grace, mercy, and holiness…….

The Hebrew word we translate “meditate” is hagah, it is actually a word of command. ***We are commanded for LOVE’S sake to diligently study God’s word with THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF WHOLE HEARTEDLY OBEYING IT…

We study God’s Word not simply to learn facts, but to actually put into practice moment by moment the precepts we have been given by YHWH God…

James 1 v 22

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”


Studying the Bible with the tools God has given you IS NOT AN OPTION FOR THE TRUE CHRISTIAN, ‘IT IS AN OBLIGATION OF LOVE!!!!!!!

If you deny the importance the Bible should have in your daily life as a God LOVING and God fearing individual; and I mean the Bible not a devotional book, not a magazine, not another testament, but the “66” books of the Old and New Testament, YOU REALLY NEED TO QUESTION YOUR FAITH!!! Soberly looking deep within yourself, to determine who’s you really are. Do you belong to no god, do you belong to a man-made god, do you belong to a devilish god, or DO YOU BELONG TO THE ONE TRUE GOD, THE GOD OF THE BIBLE???????

To the Lord Jesus Christ…………………………………………

Being His means a whole lot more than the name of your Church, the denomination you may belong to, or the local church you gather in.

It is a personal, intimate LOVE relationship with the Only begotten Son of God, the eternal and Only Savior, the second person in the Holy Trinity, the Only one who could and has paid the atoning payment for your, mine, all of our own plethora of personal sins; Jesus Christ the righteous one………………


This is division 12 of this magnificent Psalm, entitled: Lamed.

This section contains an encomium of the WORD of GOD; of its perfection and immutability; and of the comfort the psalmist received from it.

*In the three first verses the Psalmist shows that God’s Word is immutable (unchallengeable, indisputable), by an instance in the creatures.

*He shows the excellence of this Word by a rare effect it had on himself: “Unless thy law had been my delight, I should have perished.” No such comfort in trouble as God’s Word and promise. This he remembers with gratitude.

*He needed the help of God, because he had unremitting enemies.

*David proclaims the perfection of God’s Word.

V 89…For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.



Galatians 1 v 8

“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”

Neither angels, nor any professing prophet or apostle nor any other human being can correct What God Has Forever Settled in Heaven…


1 Peter 1 v 3

“Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.”

Yes evil doers may attempt to change or corrupt the Bible, but the God of all creation has the power to FOREVER SETTLE THE BIBLE IN HEAVEN, and TO KEEP IT’S “66” BOOKS PURE FROM HUMANITY’S CORRUPTING INFLUENCE…….

V 90…Thy faithfulness is unto all generations: thou hast established the earth, and it abideth.

By your omnipotence, your eternal power to create and to establish the earth, YOU WILL BE FAITHFUL NOT ONLY TO THE FIRST ADAM BUT TO EVERY GENERATION THAT HAS COME and WILL COME IN THE FUTURE.

God is not affected by the lapse of ages; He is not only faithful to one man throughout His lifetime, but to His children's children after him, yea, and to all generations so long as they keep His covenant and remember His commandments to do them. The promises are ancient things, yet they are not worn out by centuries of use, for the divine faithfulness endures for ever. He who succored His servants thousands of years ago still shows Himself strong on the behalf of all them that trust in Him.

"Thou hast established the earth, and it abideth." Nature is governed by fixed laws; the globe keeps its course by the divine command, and displays no erratic movements: the seasons observe their predestined order, the sea obeys the rule of ebb and flow, and all things else are assembled in their appointed order.

***There is an analogy between the Word of God and the works of God, and especially in this, that they are both of them constant, fixed, and unchangeable.***

God's Word which established the world is the same as that which He has embodied in the Scriptures; by the Word of the Lord were the heavens made, and especially by Him who is emphatically The Word.

When we see the world keeping its place and all its laws abiding the same, we have herein assurance that the Lord will be faithful to His covenant, and will not allow the faith of His people to be put to shame.

If the earth abideth the spiritual creation will abide; if God's Word suffices to establish the world surely it is enough for the establishment of the individual believer and his, our LOVE and eternal faith in His book.

V 91…They continue this day according to thine ordinances: for all are thy servants.

All are thy servants; therefore, they continue this day according to thy ordinances.

“All the celestial bodies are governed by thy power. Thou hast given an ordinance or appointment to each and each fulfils thy will in the place thou hast assigned it.” 

Because the Lord is the Creator, the universe abides, therefore it stands, and all its laws continue to operate with precision and power. Because the might of God is ever present to maintain them, therefore do all things continue. The Word which spoke all things into existence has supported them till now, and still supports them both in being and in well being.

God's ordinance is the reason for the continued existence of creation. What important forces these ordinances are! "For all are thy servants." Created by thy Word they obey that Word, thus answering the purpose of their existence, and working out the design of their Creator. Both great things and small things pay homage to the Lord.

No atom escapes His sovereign rule, no world avoids His government. Shall we wish to be free of the Lord's sway and become lords unto ourselves? If we were so, we should be dreadful exceptions to a law which secures the well being of the universe. Rather while we read concerning all things else, they continue and they serve, let us continue to serve, and to serve more perfectly as our lives are continued. By that Word which is settled may we be settled; by that voice which establishes the earth may we be established; and by that command which all created things obey may we be made the servants of the Lord God Almighty. 

V 92…Unless thy law had been my delights, I should then have perished in mine affliction.

If God’s Word had not been David’s delight, the trials and sorrows of this life would have been too much for him and he would have died. We too, without the LOVE of God and His Writ in our hearts and minds, we too, would shrivel up and die…

The Word which has preserved the heavens and the earth also preserves the people of God in their time of trial. With that Word we are in LOVE with; it is the delight of our hearts. We take a double and triple delight in it, and derive a multiplied delight from it, and this stands us in good stead when all other delights are taken from us.

Riches and possessions can be taken from us, but our LOVE for God’s Word can never be taken from us! We should have felt ready to lie down and die of our anguish if the spiritual comforts of God's Word had not uplifted us; but by their sustaining influence we have been raised above all the depressions and despairs which naturally grow out of severe affliction.

Some of us can set our seal to this statement. Our hardship, if it had not been for divine grace, would have crushed us out of existence, so that we should have perished. In our darkest seasons nothing has kept us from desperation but the promise of the Lord: yea, at times nothing has stood between us and self destruction save faith in the eternal Word of God. When worn with pain until the brain has become confused and the reason well nigh extinguished, a sweet text has whispered to us its heart cheering assurance, and our poor struggling mind has reposed upon the bosom of God. That which was our delight in prosperity has been our light in adversity; that which in the day kept us from presuming has in the night kept us from perishing. This verse contains a mournful assumption "unless"; describes a horrible condition, "perished in mine affliction"; and implies a glorious deliverance, for he did not die, but lives to proclaim the praise of the Word of God.

V 93…I will never forget thy precepts: for with them thou hast quickened me.

How could I ever forget your LOVING Words for it is by them that I breath, live, and are willing to die! My life IS ONLY BECAUSE OF THY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we have felt the life giving power of a precept we never can forget it. We may read it, learn it, repeat it, and think we have it, and yet it may slip out of our minds; but if it has once given us life or renewed that life, there is no fear of its falling from our remembrance.

My first such verse was:

Matthew 6 v 33

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Experience teaches, and teaches effectually. How blessed a thing it is to have the precepts written on the heart with the golden pea of experience, and graven on the memory with the divine stylus of grace. Forgetfulness is a great evil in holy things; we see here the man of God fighting against it, and feeling sure of victory because he knew the life giving energy of the Word in his own soul. That which delivers life to the heart is sure to give life to the memory.

It seems extraordinary that David should ascribe life to the precepts, and yet it lies in them and in all the Words of the Lord alike.

It is to be noted that when the Lord raised the dead He addressed to them the Word of command. He said, "Lazarus, come forth, " or "Maid, arise." We need not fear to address gospel precepts to dead sinners, since by them the Spirit gives them life.

The Psalmist does not say that the precepts give life to him, but that the Lord gives life to him by their means: thus he traces the life from tile channel to the source, and places the glory where it is due. Yet at the same time he prized the instruments of the blessing, and resolved never to forget them. David had already remembered them when he likened himself to a bottle in the smoke, and now he feels that whether in the smoke or in the fire the memory

V 94…I am thine, save me; for I have sought thy precepts.

I submit to thee fully, Lord save me according to thy Word. I have continually sought for thee through thy Words of truth…

This is a comprehensive prayer with a prevailing argument. Sanctification is a good plea for preservation. If we are conscious that we are the Lord's we may be confident that He will save us. We are the Lord's by creation, election, redemption, surrender, and acceptance; and hence our firm hope and assured belief that He will save us.

A person will surely save their own child: Lord, save me. The need of salvation is better seen by the Lord's people than by any others, and hence their prayer, "save me"; they know that only God can save them, and hence they cry to Him alone; and they know that no merit can be found in themselves, and hence they urge a reason fetched from the grace of God, "I am thine." "For I have sought thy precepts."

A person may be seeking the doctrines and the promises, and yet be unrenewed in heart; but to seek the precepts is a sure sign of grace; no one ever heard of a rebel or a hypocrite seeking the precepts. The Lord had evidently wrought a great work upon the Psalmist, and he besought Him to carry it on to completion. ***Saving is linked with seeking, "save me, for I have sought"; and when the Lord sets us seeking He will not refuse us the saving.*** He who seeks holiness is already saved: if we have sought the Lord we may be sure that the Lord has sought us, and will certainly save us.

V 95…The wicked have waited for me to destroy me: but I will consider thy testimonies.

The world has done everything to kill me and strip my faith from me, but I will hold on tightly to your holy testimonies…

The world is like wild beasts crouching by the way, or highway men waylaying a defenseless travelers; but the Psalmist went on his way without considering them, for he was considering something better, namely, the witness or testimony which God has given to the sons of men. He did not allow the malice of the wicked to take him off from his holy study of the divine Word.

When trials and persecutions overcome us, LET US KEEP OUR FOCUS ON GOD and HIS BEAUTIFUL WORD…

V 96…I have seen an end of all perfection: but thy commandment is exceeding broad.

Literally, “Of all consummations (perfections) I have seen the end:” as if one should say, every thing of human origin has its limits and end, howsoever extensive, noble, and excellent. All arts and sciences, languages, inventions, have their respective principles, have their limits and ends; as they came from man and relate to man, they shall end with man: but thy law, thy revelation, which is a picture of thy own mind, an external manifestation of thy own perfections, conceived in thy infinite ideas, in reference to eternal objects, is exceeding broad; transcends the limits of creation; and extends illimitably into eternity!

Man-kind in it’s greatest perfection has it’s limits, only by God’s grace may anyone be saved. No work of man can ever save himself. By the eternal laws of God only through the atoning blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ can anyone be saved!!!

Titus 3 v 5-6

“Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; 6 Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour;”

Man’s greatest feats are nothing, absolutely nothing, in light of God and the for ever settled laws of God’s Holy Word…….

If we cannot trust the Bible, we cannot trust anything at all!!!

Praise God for the Holy Bible……………………………..

Submitted by: Dr. Harold Chris Smith, sbc


October 31, 2021

***Welcome to This Week's Sermon:

“a” Church

Evanston, Wyoming

“Thy Word Is Truth: Part 11”

Psalms 119 v 81-88

“My soul fainteth for thy salvation: but I hope in thy word. 82 Mine eyes fail for thy word, saying, When wilt thou comfort me? 83 For I am become like a bottle in the smoke; yet do I not forget thy statutes. 84 How many are the days of thy servant? when wilt thou execute judgment on them that persecute me? 85 The proud have digged pits for me, which are not after thy law. 86 All thy commandments are faithful: they persecute me wrongfully; help thou me. 87 They had almost consumed me upon earth; but I forsook not thy precepts. 88 Quicken me after thy lovingkindness; so shall I keep the testimony of thy mouth.”

Dear Lord and Heavenly Father, the trials and difficulties that surround us, seem at times to take up so much of our thoughts and prayers, but Lord we ask that You would give us a deeper understanding of how to pray into Your perfect and eternal will, for You have put eternity in our hearts and we desire to pray in unity with Your Spirit and in line with Your will.

Teach us Lord, how to focus on our prayers on Your wider plan for man and all that You have purposed for the world, and give us a deep yearning to join our pleadings with Your perfect plans. May we seek first Your millennial kingdom rule on earth and Your eternal kingdom rule in the eternal ages to come.  

It was the Lord Yeshua Who said, “My will is to the will of Him Who sent me and to finish His world,” and Lord, we pray that You would develop in each of us an increasingly deep desire to carry out Your will and purpose in our lives and prayers, and the understanding and discernment to know how to pray.

May You be glorified in our prayers and may our individual and collective prayers and pleadings be aligned to Your will. In Yeshua's glorious name we plead, Amen and eternally Amen………………..

Caph is the eleventh division in this the longest psalm…

In this section the Psalmist laments his being grieved with some

inward anguish. David complains of his enemies. David expresses his hope and constancy; and, He prays to God for comfort and grace.

V 81…My soul fainteth for thy salvation: but I hope in thy word.

The Psalmist, David, has enemies who have brought him to the lowest condition of anguish and depression; yet he is faithful to the law and trustful in his God. This portion of David’s discourse is the midnight of the psalm, and is very dark and black. Stars, however, shine out, and the last verse gives promise of the dawn. The mood will soon become more cheerful; but meanwhile it should minister comfort to us to see so prominent a servant of God so hardly used by the ungodly: ***clearly in our own persecutions, no stranger things have happened to us.***

David intensely seeks his salvation by God; he desperately desires the purification and restoration of his soul. Oh to be pure, living only to LOVE and serve God; Oh to be reconciled TO THE ONE TRUE GOD……………………………………………….

David wished for no deliverance but that which came from God: his one desire was for "thy salvation." ***But for that divine deliverance he was fervent to the last degree, up to the full measure of his strength, yea, and beyond it till he fainted.*** So strong was his desire that it produced prostration of spirit.

David grew weary with waiting, faint with watching, sick with urgent need. Thus the sincerity and the eagerness of his desires were proved. Nothing else could satisfy him but deliverance wrought out by the hand of God, his innermost being yearned and pined for salvation from the God of all grace, and he must have it or utterly fail.

“My heartstrings groan with deep complaint;

My soul lies panting, Lord, for thee; And every limb and every joint stretches for perfect purity.”

Therefore he knew that salvation would come, for God will not break His promises, nor disappoint the hope which His own Word has produced in the genuine believer or the truly repentant sinner: yes, the fulfillment of His Word is near at hand when our hope is firm and our desire fervent.

Yet hope does not quench desire for a speedy answer to prayer; it increases our importunity, for it both stimulates the heart and sustains the heart under delays. To faint for salvation, and to be kept from utterly failing by the hope of it, is the frequent experience of the Christian...

While the grace of desire throws us down, the grace of hope lifts us up again. Hope comes from faith in God’s Word, and salvation comes from faith in the God Himself through His Holy Scriptures……………

V 82…Mine eyes fail for thy word, saying, When wilt thou comfort me?

David searches the Scriptures so diligently that his eyes grow weary with the search; his heart cries out “when oh Lord will I see victory over my sins and sorrows, WHEN OH LORD WILL I BE COMFORTED?”

To read the Word till the eyes can no longer see is but a small thing compared with watching for the fulfillment of the promise till the inner eyes of expectancy begin to grow dim with hope deferred. We cannot set times to God, for this is to limit the Holy One of Israel; yet we may urge our suit with importunity, and make fervent inquiry as to why the promise seems unanswered.

Psalms 6 v 8

“Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity; for the LORD hath heard the voice of my weeping.”

Yet God will respond in His “perfect timing” and the Child, the Children of God, will be comforted and completely satisfied!!!

V 83…For I am become like a bottle in the smoke; yet do I not forget thy statutes.

In the eastern countries especially in the time of David, their bottles were made of animal skins; if one of these hung to closely to the smoke of a fire, the bottle over time will become parched and finally dried-up. ***This represents the exhausted state of David’s body and mind by long bodily affliction and mental distress.***

The David’s face through sorrow had become dark and dismal, wrinkled and lined; indeed, his whole body had so sympathized with his sorrowing mind as to have lost its natural moisture, and to have become like a skin dried and tanned. His character had been smoked with slander, and his mind parched with persecution; he was half afraid that he would become useless and incapable through so much mental suffering, and that men would look upon him as an old worn out skin bottle, which could hold nothing and answer no purpose.

What a metaphor for a man to use who was certainly a poet, a master in Israel, if not a king, and a man after God's own heart! It is little wonder if we, average folk, are made to think very little of ourselves, and are filled with distress of mind.

***Some of us know the inner meaning of this simile, for we, too, have felt dinghy, mean, and worthless, only fit to be cast away because of our own personal anxieties and because of those around us that knowingly or ignorantly treat us so .***

Very black and hot has been the smoke which has often surrounded us; it seems to come not alone from the Egyptian furnace, but from the bottomless pit; and it has a clinging power which makes the soot of it fasten upon us and blacken us with miserable thoughts.

I have felt that way………………………………………..

Here is the patience of the Saints and the victory of faith.

Blackened and sorrowful the person of God might be by falsehood, but the truth of God’s Word is still in them, weakened by their present condition, yet, NEVER DENYING GOD OR HIS BLESSED WORD…………………………..

The worst circumstances cannot destroy the true believer's hold upon His God and God’s Word. Grace is a living power which survives that which would suffocate all other forms of existence. Fire cannot consume it, and smoke cannot smother it. A person may be reduced to skin and bone, and all their comfort may be dried out of them, us, and yet we may hold fast to our integrity and glorify our BELOVED SAVIOR and GOD.

It is, however, no marvel that in such a case the eyes which are tormented with the smoke cry out for the Lord's delivering hand, and the heart heated and faint longs for the divine salvation.

We must keep focused on Jesus Christ and His only inerrant, infallible Word the Holy Bible!!!!!!!

V 84…How many are the days of thy servant? when wilt thou execute judgment on them that persecute me?

How long are our days upon this earthly plain, when Oh Lord will you execute judgment upon those who are wicked toward your servant.

This verse has no reference to God’s Word in it…

David caught up in his own pain and suffering temporarily loses focus on God’s Word.  He cannot hope to live long in such a condition (nor any Christian), he pleads that God would speedily come to rescue him, or quite literally David will die.

Shall all my short life be consumed in such destroying sorrows? The brevity of life is a good argument against the length of an affliction. Perhaps David, the Psalmist, means that his days seemed too many when they were spent in such distress. He has wished that they were ended, and therefore he asked in trouble, "How many are the days of thy servant?"

No one knows the appointed number of our days except the Lord, and therefore to Him the appeal is made that God would not prolong them beyond His servant's strength to bear…

1 Corinthians 10 v 13

“There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”

God will provide the grace needed to overcome temptations of sin or of doubt.

David had placed his case in the Lord's hands, and he prayed that sentence might be given and put into execution. He desired nothing but justice, that his character might be cleared and his persecutors silenced. Again, David knew that God would certainly avenge His own elect, but the day of rescue seemed to drag on, the seconds moved into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, and days into weeks, months, and years, and the persecuted one cried day and night for deliverance.

Our prays for deliverance SHOULD ALWAYS BE PRESENT BEFORE THE LORD…………………………………………

1 Thessalonians 5 v 17

“Pray without ceasing.”

Said Paul.

Luke 18 v 3-7

“And there was a widow in that city; and she came unto him, saying, Avenge me of mine adversary. 4 And he would not for a while: but afterward he said within himself, Though I fear not God, nor regard man; 5 Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me. 6 And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith. 7 And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?”

God will respond to the sincere prayers of His children, not just sometimes, but ALWAYS!!!

But always in HIS PERFECT TIMING!!!

V 85…The proud have digged pits for me, which are not after thy law.

The ungodly, the proud in their own heart, those claiming they need not the true God, speak lies to me that are contrary to your living Word. The world takes every effort to deceive the young and to discourage the searcher and finder of God’s truth.

All who deny the holy writ are full of rot and decay and wish nothing less than “your” and “my” eternal demise……………………..

God’s Word gives life, anything contrary to it brings eternal death and destruction…………………………………………………….

As men who hunt wild beasts are wont to make pitfalls and snares, so did David's foes endeavor to entrap him. They went laboriously and cunningly to work to ruin him, "they dug pits"; not one, but many. If one would not take him, perhaps another would, and so they dug again and again. One would think that such haughty people would not have soiled their fingers with digging; but they swallowed their pride in hopes of swallowing their victim. Whereas they ought to have been ashamed of such meanness, they were conscious of no shame, but, on the contrary, were proud of their cleverness; proud of setting a trap for a godly man. Neither the men nor their pits were according to the divine law: they were cruel and crafty deceivers, and their pits were contrary to the Levitical law, and contrary to the command which bids us LOVE our neighbor.

If people would keep to the statutes of the Lord, they would lift the fallen out of the pit, or fill up the pit so that none might stumble into it; but they would never spend a moment in working injury to others.

When, however, they become proud, they are sure to despise others; and for this reason they seek to circumvent them, that they may afterwards hold them up to ridicule. It was well for David that his enemies were God's enemies, and that their attacks upon him had no sanction from the Lord. It was also much to his gain that he was not ignorant of their devices, for he was thus put upon his guard, and led to watch his ways lest he should fall into their pits.

While David kept to the law of the Lord he was safe, though even then it was an uncomfortable thing to have his path made dangerous by the craft of willful malice.

It is hard to stand firm in our faith, and to stay focused on God and His Word when everything around TELLS US WE ARE FOOLS!

Sometimes even other Christians will do things to discourage us or tempt us to sin.

Matthew 16 v 23

“But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savors not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.”

We must know and live God’s Word to survive this world and it’s vicious attacks on our faith and on our God………………..

V 86…All thy commandments are faithful: they persecute me wrongfully; help thou me.

Each and every word, every jot and tittle of your inerrant, infallible Word, all “66” books of your Old and New Testaments are faithful, true, perfect, leading one to salvation which is eternally joyful everlasting life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Timothy 3 v 15-17

“And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”

The Holy Bible has everything to lead a Christian to live an absolutely perfect holy life, manifested in any genuine “good” work…

The Psalmist had no fault to find with God's law, even though he had fallen into sad trouble through obedience to it. Whatever the command might cost him it was worth it; he felt that God's way might be rough, but it was right; it might make him enemies, but still it was his best friend. He believed that in the end God's command would turn out to his own profit, and that he should be no loser by obeying it.

Obedience to God’s Word ultimately brings ETERNAL JOY and VICTORY!!!

The fault lay with David’s persecutors, and neither with his God nor with himself. He had done no injury to anyone, nor acted otherwise than according to truth and justice; therefore he confidently appeals to his God, and cries, "Help thou me." This is a golden prayer, as precious as it is short. The words are few, but the meaning is full.

Help was needed that the persecuted one might avoid the snare, might bear up under reproach, and might act so prudently as to baffle his foes. God's help is our hope. Whoever may hurt us, it matters not so long as the Lord helps us; for if indeed the Lord helps us, none can really hurt us. Many a time have these words been groaned out by troubled Saints, for they are such as suit a thousand conditions of need, pain, distress, weakness, and sin. "Help, Lord, "will be a fitting prayer for youth and age, for labor and suffering, for life and death.

No other help is sufficient, but God's help is all sufficient, and we cast ourselves upon it without fear.

V 87…They had almost consumed me upon earth; but I forsook not thy precepts.

Had it not been for thy mercy, we would all have been destroyed under the oppressive captivity by the world’s wickedness...

But still we did not and must not forsake your glorious and most blessed Word………………………………………………..

David’s foes had almost destroyed him so as to make him altogether fail. If they could they would have eaten him, or burned him alive; anything so that they could have made a full end of the good man. Evidently he had fallen under their power to a large extent, and they had so used that power that he was well nigh consumed.

He was almost gone from off the earth; but almost is not altogether, and so he escaped by the skin of his teeth. The lions are chained: they can rage no further than our God permits. The Psalmist perceives the limit of their power: they could only touch his earthly life and earthly goods. Upon earth they almost ate him up, but he had an eternal portion which they could not even nibble at.

Nothing could drive David from obeying the Lord. If we stick to the precepts we shall be rescued by the promises.

If careless practice of God’s Word could have driven the oppressed Saint from the way of right, the purpose of the wicked would have been answered, and we should have heard no more of David or of ourselves...

If we are resolved to die sooner than forsake the Lord, we may depend upon it that we shall not die, but shall live to see the overthrow of them that hate us.

God will save the soul of the sincere repentant sinner, and no one can take the “born again” believer out of the hand of Jesus Christ!!!

V 88…Quicken me after thy loving-kindness; so shall I keep the testimony of thy mouth.

Life will come to the genuine LOVING follower of Jesus Christ. The true believer will do all in their power to live a pure, perfect, and holy life in obedience to God and His eternal Word……………….

Without the spiritual life there is no obedience; we must therefore rise from the dead, and be quickened by the Spirit of Christ living in us.

If alive (quickened) by the Holy Spirit we shall be sure to exhibit a holy character. We shall be faithful to sound doctrine when the Spirit visits us and makes us faithful. None keep the Word of the Lord's mouth unless the Word of the Lord's mouth quickens them.

We ought greatly to admire the spiritual discretion of the Psalmist, who does not so much pray for freedom from trial as for renewed life that he may be supported under it. When the inner life is vigorous all is well.

David prayed for a sound heart in the closing verse of the last section (Yod), and here he seeks a revived heart; this is going to the root of the matter, by seeking that which is the most needful of all things.

Lord, let it be heart work with us to sincerely desire to keep each and every Word from your mouth, and let our hearts be right with thee.

As we close this week, may we ever remember, not only is it our LOVE offering to learn, understand, and to obey God’s Word; but it is our obligation of LOVE to teach God’s Word to all the children that come after us…………………………………………………….

Deuteronomy 6 v 2

“That thou mightest fear the LORD thy God, to keep all his statutes and his commandments, which I command thee, thou, and thy son, and thy son's son, all the days of thy life; and that thy days may be prolonged.”

Submitted by: Dr. Harold Chris Smith, sbc



October 24, 2021 

***Welcome to This Week's Sermo

Evanston, Wyoming

“Thy Word Is Truth: Part 10”

Psalms 119 v 73-80

“Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments. 74 They that fear thee will be glad when they see me; because I have hoped in thy word. 75 I know, O LORD, that thy judgments are right, and that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me. 76 Let, I pray thee, thy merciful kindness be for my comfort, according to thy word unto thy servant. 77 Let thy tender mercies come unto me, that I may live: for thy law is my delight. 78 Let the proud be ashamed; for they dealt perversely with me without a cause: but I will meditate in thy precepts. 79 Let those that fear thee turn unto me, and those that have known thy testimonies. 80 Let my heart be sound in thy statutes; that I be not ashamed..”

Dear Lord,

We praise You and we LOVE being in Your presence.  Thank You for the sacrifice you made for us, and all of Your creation, on the cross. Thank You for helping all our hearts to be able to rest in Your presence.  In a busy world, it is here that we find truth, grace, and mercy.  Our hearts are overwhelmingly grateful.  As our hearts overflow with gratitude, may You present opportunities for us individually and collectively as Your people, to serve. 

O Lord, thank You that You LOVE us and that You give us comfort like no other.  Thank You that You are “THE” GOD who is well acquainted with all our grief and that You ache when we ache.  Help us to remember that in the midst of struggles, trials, and utter heartbreak that You offer hope.  You are the Author of all Wisdom, Hope and Salvation.  We praise You that through the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus, all things are put under Your feet.  Allow us to trust Your heart and Your Holy Bible, to teach us to believe that there is more to life than the heartache of this world.  Allow us to lean ever closer to You in the midst of this fallen world.  Thank You God for hope, peace, Your LOVE, Your comfort, and Your salvation.

Finally Lord God, we pray that You would save as many of the Lost as possible by Your precious LOVE, and Your perfect justice. Help us to share Your Gospel of good news to the Lost, let us have the ability by the power of the Holy Spirit to help them and all of us through our times of need.

We pray all these things in the name of Your beautiful Son, Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah, Amen and eternally Amen

“When God's Word really becomes a part of one's soul, that one can never be the same again.”  Days of Praise

This quote from the devotional “Days of Praise” epitomizes the “truth” of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The “TRUTH” is we are saved by grace through faith and not of any works we could ever do, for salvation IS A FREE GIFT FROM GOD, ours “if” we genuinely accept that gift…….

Ephesians 2 v 8-10

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. 10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

***There are no works of righteousness or good deeds or good works of any kind that we could ever do to save ourselves or to pay even a minute portion of our personal debt for our own sins…….***

Titus 3 v 5-6

“Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; 6 Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour; “

We are saved through the BLOOD SACRIFICE of Jesus Christ and Him alone…….

But there is a big, and I mean a big qualification for being saved!!!

A non-negotiable requirement pre-ordained of God, which is an absolute prerequisite TO BE SAVED…

This requisite is ordained of God, and only by God’s grace, mercy, and LOVE working in the life of the individual by the power of the Holy Spirit MAY ANYONE COME TO A SAVING KNOWLEDGE OF JESUS CHRIST.


This choice must be heartfelt and genuine to the individual and though it is their, our choice, ONLY GOD CAN GIVE US THE ABILITY TO SAY “YES” OR “NO” TO HIM.

This is what the phrase “becomes a part of one’s soul” describes so eloquently in “Days of Praise”. Or as Psalms 119 describes as “with thy whole heart”, or the Psalmist’s continued prayer, asking God to teach him God’s ways, and pleading with God to help him keep the precepts of God. These all are ways of declaring and showing God our sincerity of conviction that WE ARE TRULY REPENTANT OF OUR SINS, and that THE INDIVIDUAL TRULY LOVES THE LORD and GOD’S WORDS THE BIBLE…….

Our good works all of which are not the cause of our salvation but rather the sincere result of our salvation are some of the evidences of our genuine LOVE for God and His living Word…

Simply saying we are Christian does not make us one, sincerely LOVING God does………………………………………….

Today as we study “Yod” the tenth division in Psalms 119, we will continue to examine the Psalmist’s devoutness and sincere LOVE for God and His Word.

*In the first place the Psalmist prays for understanding, comfort, and

mercy; and uses this argument, I am thy creature: “Thy hands have

fashioned me.”

*The Psalmist prays for understanding: Give me heavenly light and influence.

*He prays for this that he may learn God’s commandments. This was his end.

The letter: “Yod”

V 73…Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments.

The Psalmist David declares to God, “You are my Creator, you have formed me and made me who I am”. Therefore I appeal to you to give me the understanding of your Word that I might obey it always.

The world says, we were created by some chance happening, that they call the “big bang”. Even some professing Christians weaken and give in to humanistic theology and choose to believe in evolution instead of “Special Creation”, God spoke all things created into existence. Here in Psalms 119, God through David makes clear: GOD IS THE CREATOR. God formed us to be human beings.

It is advantageous to remember our creation is from divine origins not chance happenings, THAT ALL OF GOD’S CREATION WAS PLANNED and THUS PROFOUNDLY SPECIAL. It excites reverence, gratitude, and affection towards God when we view Him as our Maker, putting forth the careful skill and power of His hands in our forming and fashioning. YHWH, Jehovah God took a personal interest in us, making us with His own hands; God was doubly thoughtful, for He is described both as making and molding us. In both giving existence and arranging existence God manifested LOVE and wisdom; and therefore we find reasons for praise, confidence, and expectation in our being and well being.

As thou hast made me, teach me. Here is the vessel which thou hast fashioned; Lord, fill it. Thou hast given me both soul and body; grant me now thy grace that my soul may know thy will, and my body may join in the performance of it. The plea is very forcible; it is an enlargement of the cry, "Forsake not the work of thine own hands." Without understanding the divine law and rendering obedience to it we are imperfect and useless; but we may reasonably hope that the great Potter will complete His work and give the finishing touch to it by imparting to it sacred knowledge and holy practice.

If God had roughly made us, and had not also elaborately fashioned us, this argument would lose much of its force; but surely from the delicate art and awe-inspiring skill which the Lord has shown in the formation of the human body, we may infer that He is prepared to take equal pains with the soul till it shall perfectly bear his image.

A person without a mind is an idiot, the mere mockery of a human being; and a mind without grace is wicked, the sad perversion of a mind. We pray that we may not be left without a spiritual judgment: for this the Psalmist prayed, and he here pleads for it again; there is no true knowing and keeping of the commandments without it. ***Fools can sin; but only those who are taught of God can be holy.*** We often speak of gifted people; but those who have the best gifts are those whom God has given a sanctified understanding wherewith to know and prize the ways of the Lord.

Note well that David's prayer for understanding is not for the sake of speculative knowledge, and the gratification of his curiosity: he desires an enlightened judgment that he may learn God's commandments, and so become obedient and holy. This is the best of learning. A person may abide in the College where this science is taught all their days, and yet cry out for ability to learn more. The commandment of God is exceeding broad, and so it affords scope for the most vigorous and instructed mind: in fact, no person has by nature an understanding capable of compassing so wide a field, and hence the prayer, "give me understanding"…….

I can learn other things with the mind I have, but thy law is so pure, so perfect, spiritual and sublime, that I need to have my mind enlarged before I can become proficient in it. David appeals to his Maker to do this, as if he felt that no power short of that which made him could make him wise unto holiness. We need a new creation, and who can grant us that but the Creator himself?

2 Corinthians 5 v 17

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

He who made us to live must make us to learn; He who gave us power to stand must give us grace to understand. Let us each one breathe to heaven the prayer of this verse ere we advance a step further, for we shall be lost even in these petitions unless we pray our way through them, and cry to God for understanding.  

V 74…They that fear thee will be glad when they see me; because I have hoped in thy word.

Those who are genuine Christians will be glad and will rejoice at my faithfulness. For they will see God’s light, God’s LOVE, God’s living Word in my life and actions…

Matthew 5 v 16

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

When a child of God obtains grace for themselves they become a blessing to others, especially if that grace has made them a person of sound understanding and holy knowledge. God fearing men and women are encouraged when they meet with experienced believers. A hopeful person is a God send when things are declining or in danger.

When the hopes of one believer are fulfilled their companions are filled with joy and established, and led to hope also. It is good for the eyes to see a person whose witness is that the Lord is true; it is the delight of Saints to hold discussions with their more mature brothers and sisters in Christ.

V 75…I know, O LORD, that thy judgments are right, and that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me.

I know God that every Word of your book is true, and any affliction that happens to me is controlled by thy sovereign will in your wisdom and mercy, only that which you allow has happened to me. Afflictions can go just so far, and then your mighty hand controls the eternal consequences…

We who would learn most must be thankful for what we already know, and be willing to confess it to the glory of God. The Psalmist had been sorely tried, but he had continued to hope in God under his trial, and now he avows his conviction that he had been justly and wisely chastened. This he not only thought but knew, so that he was positive about it, and spoke without a moment's hesitation. Saints are sure about the rightness of their troubles, even when they cannot see the intent of them. It made the godly glad to hear David say this,

And that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me. Because LOVE required severity, therefore the Lord exercised it. It was not because God was unfaithful that the believer found themselves in a sore strait, but for just the opposite reason: it was the faithfulness of God to His covenant which brought the chosen one under the rod. It might not be needful that others should be tried just then; but it was necessary to the Psalmist, and therefore the Lord did not withhold the blessing.

Often when we sin or temporarily go down our own path of choice, God delivers us through the blessing of His LOVING chastisement. The genuine Christian rejoices in God’s gracious chastising hand…

V 76…Let, I pray thee, thy merciful kindness be for my comfort, according to thy word unto thy servant.

My trust in Thee and thy mercies through thy Word are joyous comforts to me in even my greatest of trials. I suffer the agony but I see the joy and comfort set before me.

Having confessed the righteousness of the Lord, David now appeals to God’s mercy, and while he does not ask that the rod may be removed, he earnestly begs for comfort under it. Righteousness and faithfulness afford us no consolation if we cannot also taste of mercy, and, blessed be God, this is promised us in the Word, and therefore we may expect it. The words "merciful kindness, "are a happy combination, and express exactly what we need in affliction: mercy to forgive the sin, and kindness to sustain under the sorrow.

With these we can be comfortable in the cloudy and dark day, and without them we are wretched indeed; for these, therefore, let us pray unto the Lord, whom we have grieved by our sin, and let us plead the Word of his grace as our sole reason for expecting God’s favor.

Blessed be His name, notwithstanding our faults we are still His servants, and we serve a compassionate Master. Some read the last clause, "according to thy saying unto thy servant"; some special saying of the Lord was remembered and pleaded: can we not remember some such "faithful saying, "and make it the groundwork of our petitioning? That phrase, "according to thy word," is a very favorite one; it shows the motive for mercy and the manner of mercy.

***Our prayers are according to the mind of God when they are according to the Word of God.*** 

V 77…Let thy tender mercies come unto me, that I may live: for thy law is my delight.

Lord, let your Fatherly feelings come unto me, Abba, Daddy, show me your mercy; that I may survive…

For I truly LOVE you and thy precious Word………………………

David needed not only mercy, but "mercies, "and these must be of a very gracious and considerate kind, even "tender mercies, "for he was sore with his wounds. These gentle favors must be of the Lord's giving, for nothing less would suffice; and they must "come" all the way to the sufferer's heart, for he was not able to journey after them; all he could do was to sigh out, "Oh that they would come."

If deliverance did not soon come, he felt ready to expire, and yet he told us but a verse or so ago that he hoped in God's Word: how true it is that hope lives on when death seems written on all besides.

A heathen said, "dum spiro spero, "while I breathe I hope; but the Christian can say, "dum expiro spero, "even when I expire I still expect the blessing.

Yet no true child of God can live without the tender mercy of their heavenly Father; it; is death to us to be under God's displeasure.

Notice, again, the poetic combination of the words of our English version. Was there ever a sweeter sound than this, "tender mercies"? A person who has been grievously afflicted, and yet tenderly touched is the only person who knows the meaning of such perfect language.

How truly we live when tender mercy comes to us. Then we do not merely exist, but live; we are lively, full of life, vivacious, and vigorous. We know not what life is till we know God. Some are said to die by the visitation of God, but we live by it.

O blessed faith! It is the genuine Christian who rejoices in the law even when its broken precepts cause them to suffer.

***To delight in the Word when it rebukes us, is proof that we are profiting under it.***

Surely this is a plea which will prevail with God, however bitter our sorrows may be; if we still delight in the law of the Lord, He cannot let us die; He must and will cast a tender look upon us and comfort our hearts.

V 78…Let the proud be ashamed; for they dealt perversely with me without a cause: but I will meditate in thy precepts.

The Psalmist begged that the judgments of God might no longer fall upon himself, but upon his cruel adversaries.

***God will not suffer those who hope in His Word to be put to shame, for He reserves that reward for haughty spirits: they shall yet be overtaken with confusion, and become the subjects of contempt, while God's afflicted ones shall again lift up their heads.***

The proud and the unrepentant sinner in the end, WILL GET WHAT THEY DESERVE!!!

Shame is for the proud, for it is a shameful thing to be proud. Shame is not for the holy, for there is nothing in holiness to be ashamed of.

Job 40 v 12

“Look on every one that is proud, and bring him low; and tread down the wicked in their place.”

Proverb 16 v 5

“Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.”

Those who wrongfully persecute us WILL BE PUNISHED, if they do not submit to God’s will and holy Word…….

David would leave the proud in God's hands, and give himself up to holy studies and contemplations. To obey the divine precepts we have need to know them, and think much of them. Hence this persecuted Saint felt that meditation must be his chief employment.

***The child of God would study the law of God and not the law of retaliation.***

The proud are not worth a thought. The worst injury they can do us is to take us away from our devotions; let us baffle them by keeping all the closer to our God when they are most malicious in their onslaughts.

V 79…Let those that fear thee turn unto me, and those that have known thy testimonies.

Let those who truly LOVE Jehovah, YHWH, look at my example. I was never perfect, but with my whole heart, my whole body, and my whole soul I have LOVED HIS WAYS and SOUGHT WITH EVERY POWER OF MY BEING TO SERVE HIM, TO OBEY HIM, and VASTLY MORE IMPORTANTLY TO LOVE HIM!!!!!!! Know that I was lost but now am found, was burning but now by the grace, mercy, and the LOVE of God I AM PLUCKED OUT OF THE FIRE BY THE BEAUTIFUL SHED BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!

Perhaps the tongue of slander had alienated some of the godly, and probably the actual faults of David had grieved many more. He begs God to turn to him, and then to turn his people towards him. Those who are right with God are also anxious to be right with His children. David craved the LOVE and sympathy of gracious men of all grades, of those who were beginners in grace, and of those who were mature in piety, "those that fear thee, "and "those that have known thy testimonies." We cannot afford to lose the LOVE of the least of the Saints, and if we have lost their esteem we may most properly pray to have it restored.

David was the leader of the godly party in the nation, and it wounded him to the heart when he perceived that those who feared God were not as glad to see him as aforetime they had been. He did not bluster and say that if they could do without him, lie could very well do without them; but he so deeply felt the value of their sympathy, that he made it a matter of prayer that the Lord would turn their hearts to him again.

***Those who are dear to God, and are instructed in His Word, should be very precious in our eyes, and we should do our utmost to be upon good terms with them.***

David has two descriptions for the Saints, they are God fearing and God knowing. They possess both devotion and instruction; they have both the spirit and the science of true religion. We know some believers who are gracious, but not intelligent; and, on the other hand, we also know certain professors who have all head and no heart: the Psalmist is the man who combines devotion with intelligence. We neither care for devout dunces nor for intellectual icebergs. When fearing, and knowing walk hand in hand they cause people to be thoroughly furnished unto every good work.

If these are my choice companions I may hope that I am one of their order. Let such persons ever turn to me because they find in me agreeable company.

V 80…Let my heart be sound in thy statutes; that I be not ashamed.

As this section ends David prays, Lord let every part of my being be thoroughly saturated in your scriptures, in your statutes, so that I never need to be ashamed for my spiritual ignorance…

Possess me and let me possess you, your LOVE, and your blessed Word…………………………………………………….

Let us be one……………………………………….

This is even more important than to be held in esteem by good men. This is the root of the matter.

***If the heart be sound in obedience to God and His Word the Bible, all is well, or will be well.***

If right at heart we are right in the main. If we be not sound before God, our name for piety is an empty sound.

***Mere profession will fail, and undeserved esteem will disappear like a bubble when it bursts; only sincerity and truth will endure in the evil day.***

Those whom are right at heart have no reason for shame, and they never shall have any; hypocrites ought to be ashamed now, and they shall one day be put to shame without end; their hearts are rotten, and their names shall rot.

This eightieth verse is a variation of the prayer of the seventy-third verse; there David sought sound understanding, here David goes deeper, and begs for a sound heart. Those who have learned their own frailty by sad experience, are led to dive beneath the surface, and cry to the Lord for truth in the inward parts.

In closing the consideration of these eight verses, let us join with the writer in the prayer, "Let my heart be sound in thy statutes."

Lord help each of us LOVE YOUR WORD THE BIBLE…….

Submitted by: Dr. Harold Chris Smith, sbc