The List

1. Maureen Ann Notch  (Isaiah 7 v 9B), Only woman I ever kissed or was intimate with… My Forever Only…my beloved wife!!!

2. Adam Haines Smith  (Proverbs 22 v 6)

3. Aaron Christopher Smith (Proverbs 22 v 6)

4. Kris Grawbowski,  *Heather

5. Rob Lumpkin

6. Ray Darra

7. Sarah Kitchen

8. Ray (Fred) Tarlton

9. Annalita (Homer) Tarlton 4-28-2007

10. Rick Klimkowski

11. Karen…..Danny, Erica…Gerald

12. Tommy Anderson…..Aspen Nicole, Caleb, David, Casey, Karla

13. Heidi Walter

14. Dani Walter, Kim

15. Karen Walter

16. Dave Walter

17. Shirley

18. Willie

19. Lisa

20. Darrell (Daryl)

21. Paul 2004 in 7th grade

22. Amanda 2004 in 4th grade

23. Pat  ( Richard, Max, Jerry)

24. Bobby, Janeen,  (daughter Liz who became Leo…2012)

25. Debbie\ Gary,  Chris a son

26. Nancy, Russ, Kyle (jr high 2011), Jeremy (6th grade)

27. Vikki, Bryan (smith), daughter: Melissa

28. Gary, Jaime, Courtney, Garrett

29. Tina, Scott

30. Jason

31. Alice (Died: Sept. 4, 2012)

32. Steve *Deceased Jan 2011

33. Janice Berthold

34. Tom Berthold…..Timmy, Alison

35. Johnny

36. Claudia…..Jeremy, Andie (Albert), Katie

37. Pam

38. Gerald……Tanner, Kaylyn (Calin)

39. Kathleen

40. J.R.

41. Jill Andre, husband: Lloyd, sons: Evan, Erik

42. Gail Benzmiller *my first LOVE

43. Kelli Bowen

44. Rita

45. Gail Mac Millen

46. Terri Ray

47. Debbie Pasco

 48. Douglas Spangler, wife: Eileen, 4 children, 4 grand kids presently

49. Paul Childs

50. Tim Buds

51. Randy Pierson

52. Brian Shentstone

53. Douglas Bared

54. Peter Patricus

55. Allan Ward

56. Michael O’Brien

57. Glen Peach

58. Kevin Peach

59. Joey, Michael Guttentog, Gregory Lightborn, John Chatman, Ward Wilkens, Robert Kubsintski, Tom Ging, Raold Humphrey, The Whites, Howard Shaw

60. Jay Worley…Ed Berlier…Arthur Harrington…The Doctor……Jeannette Phillips……Ray Boltz………..Joe Ellis, Our nice neighbors ( Sticklemeyer )

I am thankful for: safety patrol, sp leut, SALVATION( March 26, 1975), OCC/ MSU, EV book table at msu, EBS (ivcf), MDEM, Teens, Preaching (Norton, Oberlin, etc), Family, Hospice, My Web ministry 6/2006…

61. Bruce Roberts

62. Monica Roberts (sister)

63. Monica Roberts

64. Diane Barker

65. Jeff Klap

66. Jeff

67. Andrew Schmid (wife: Helen[20 years…2012]),  ), Gonads, Craigo, Jan, Deb, Linda, Phil Kaatz (wife: Anita[31 years 9/12/2012] , daughters: Danielle, Sarah; grandson: Lucas Richard 4-23-2011), Scott

IVCF…Joe Lorenzo, Bill Fitzgerald, Connie Fitzgerald

68. Gail Gerk? Gerds?

69. Marion Fisher

70. Linda Salsbary, Gene Wells

71. Gail Harbors…….Pastor Ross, wife Marty

72. Doreen Harbors

73. Walter Hoover

74. Sherry Hoover…Jeremy, Jamie, Jessica

75. Joel Hoover, Jiliian and a child and one on the way...

76. Robert Schnieder  deceased 2006

77. Stella Schnieder

78. Melba Hafer, Ken…Teonya, Gabriel, Ashley, Matthew; (Jason and his wife), Henry

79. Ron Wal-Raven his father died 2008

80. Ray Sanderson

81. Michael Crist (divorce—12-18-04???) 

82. Diane Huneke

83. Audrey

84. Britt Sloan

85. Mr. Bigelow

86. Mr. Garner, Cale Iorge, Paula, Gary and Terry (JW), Jeff, Suzanne, Vic, Travis (LDS) family breaking up, Rhyan Seymour, Matthew Duncan

87. Emma Walker

88. Joleen Ware ( Jeradeen )

89. Barbara Williams

90. Reverend Fraiser…Lucinda Royal…Erma (Tiny) Moton, Peaches, Melinda

91. Jackson

92. Sam (eye sight)…sister, mom, dad, etc…

93. Joe

94. DJ

95. Josh

96. Mason

97. Leah

98. Greg  (Emma’s old boyfriend)

99. Bonnie Shelton

100. Dawn Pratt

101. Penny Hickock

102. Ron Stewein

103. Eugene Williams

104. Catherine Williams?

105. Angela Toner

106. Nancy Jackson (Sept 28, 2007 Nancy Jackson Day)

107. Patricia Frisbie…..Larry;  Karen Hutchison, Jack, Jennifer Bell, Craig, Don and Katherine Mahoney

108. Deter Pross, Monica his sister

In Memory of:

109. David Humes (deceased Mayor of Hayti Heights)...Perry Brickley…Tony Augustine, Georgia Anderson, Lois, Margaret?, Isaias, Wayne Roland, Robert Schneider, Bobbie Guye, PJ, Annalita,  Joe, David Pemico, Essie, Steve, Rob Leonhart, Max German,  Ms. Boswell,  (Jason’s baby), John and Mary Buckley’s baby, Ivy’s baby(BestHH), Gene’s father, Bryan’s brother, Tommy’s father, Steven Barnes, Henry Moore, Edith Starke, Melba’s father, her brother Dwayne, Lupita’s grandmother, Grandpa Virgil, and her husband’s friend Brady, and Michelle’s unborn baby; Heather (Amanda’s friend),    Maureen’s Father, Alice, and Peggy and family, My Family, etc…….

110. Janet Mc Donald

111. Cliff Brown

112. Pauline Nado, Sandra (Sam) Bolen, Bobby her husband

113. Mr. White  (gym teacher, SP Advisor), Mr. Brown, Mrs. Wroth, Mr. Harris, Sgt Wilfred, Dr. Grider, Dr. Staples, Ms. V, all my English teachers


115. Harold

116. Jacob

117. Lee, Celeste

118. Joe   (died: Feb 2008)

119. Dorothy

120. Ronald Lucas

121. Ronald Manler

122. Mark Ryan SLC, UT homeless, was accountant), Cordell [ Died: 4/2015 ]

123. Carolyn Noonan

124. Dorothy died: 10-13-2004

125. Donald

126. David

127. Michael

128. Mark…….[ Daniel another brother ]

129. Bob Sundberg (1st Christian Friend)

130. John Buckley

131. Mary Buckley

132. Bill Sarkella

133. Eric Platz

134. Theodore Abbott

135. Emma Trotter

136. Donna Trotter

137. Maurice Gibson

138. Dorothy Gibson, Yolanda

139. Connie German; David Adams and wife: Wanda

140. Max German Died in 2010

141. Victor Clark

142. Bob Leonhart  Deceased

143. Mark Goodman

144. Dr. Strnad

145. Future Generation Members, Hayti Heights

146. Ray Helton

147. Belinda Helton

148. The Jumpers…Steele, Mo…..Frank, Glenda, Susan

149. Clark Barnes

150. Linda Barnes

151. Gary Peterson, Sharon, , Gary’s brother, Eileen a sister

152. Cindy Peterson…….3 Children ( Michael, Tim, Julie, grandson : Joshua, Caleb, Naomi...

153. Elmer the blind dog’s human family

154. Rock Hill Manor…..Cathy Woofer, David Pemico (died 2008), Marvin Wittenstatter, Mary, Clarence, John Sabin, Dick Thompson, the Kilbys etc…

155. MDEM Staff

156. All the ministries I support and/or believe in: Coral Ridge (Dr. Kennedy), Love Worth Finding ( Adrian Rogers). In Touch Ministries (Charles Stanley). UACCCI. International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, Gideon’s International, National Bible Society or the American Bible Society, ICR, CRI, Billy Graham Ministries, John Hagee, John Ankerberg, Dr. James Dobson...

157. Josh Denham    Subway guy, DOB 12/3

158. Diana Shultz  DOB 12/13

159. Patty Brickley

160. D M David

161. Sheila Pringle

162. Hank

163. Bill Fritzel  Evanston auto mechanic

164. Jason          Maintenance man at Willow Park

165. Theresa     Magic Nickel

166. Mark Brinkerhoff  PT Best Home Health

167. Edith Starke Hospice (died: 1-28-2012)

168. Hamlett

169. Angelica

170. Alexa

171. Jodie, Ruby, (Abby)

172 Bill…….Erica, Alan

173. Tina….. her 3 children (Robby-husband who died 2008)

174. Linda Marshall of support group (son Danny)

175. Russell…….15 year old (2008) child: Cody

176. Jason……………(Wal-Mart em                                                                                               for Him)
177. Members of: Helping Hands and Caring Hearts Support Group…(Genie, Karen, Junior, Robbie, Janet, Clifton and Donna, Dannice)

178. Stephen Barnes (Deceased: 2010)

179. Angela Brynes, Abe Ramos, Dee Hastings

180. Our country, and those in authority in our country!!!

181. The people and Nation of Israel……. 

182. Roxanne (3 children)

183. Carol (Jody’s friend)

184. Jan Lewis ( CMS-worker)

185. Amanda Oliver, Isaac, Ashton (Zane Tueller fiancée), her friend: Holly, Hannah Kolata the daughter. HEATHER (Died: 6-7-2012); Tom her father, Jason her brother.................

186. Lupita De Anda, Carlos her son, , her daughters: Katalina Felicity and Anastasia, Chris her fiancée (now hubby…9-17-2011) , Rico, Grand Dad Virgil ( Died: 1-4-2013 ), Brady a friend (Died: 7-12-2012) ), Tonya

187. Ivy and family

188. Sarabi, Ricky (chat)

189. Scott   (chat)

190. Samsoum, his brother, nephew (chat) [Lebenon]

191. Jeremy [chat]

192. Definningsilence [chat]. All in the Chat room.

193. Aisha Ali,

194. Chandler O Leary (Mexico to serve)?

195. Jan (the pool: Thyroid Cancer)

196. Alice, Kay (prostate cancer), Levi

197. Jim, Denise, daughter: Elise (Manchester) {missionaries to Mongolia}; Jim’s mom: Mary Manchester

198. Kevin (VA-Kidney transplant)

199. Heidi (searching leading to LDS)

200. Jessie (BHH) ), Lori Wyers

201…Shawn (2012 38, has cancer: from Chris Kirk)

202…Dave Kupczak (Debbie’s friend)

203…Tad and family

204…Scott Swanson

205...Bruce Mason ( delivered from serious sin )

206...Mareli  (Aaron)

207...J Dexter Smith; and his daughter

208...Adam's friend's friend, Dimetrii, Victor (alcohol)

209...Stefanie, her son Jason

210...((( Laticia ))) Liberato Saavedra Family

211...((( Laticia's brother [ abuse ] ))) Saavedra Orosco Family

212… T J Weaver (((EMT/Perimedic…Ambulance to Murray, Utah 1-26-2015 )))

213…Lori  Meek, Luke ( hubby ), Gage, Taylor, Olivia, Madison

214…Andrea ( Martinez ), hubby: Alfredo, daughters: Yatetzo, Yamilett.

215…Tom Weatherford and family

216…Cindy Sisson, her adult son: Joe Sisson

217…Lee Cappiello and Family, incl: 3 sons, their wives and 5 grandchildren.

218…Robin Miller Fritz, her nephew: Frederick the Fourth

219…Cindy Moore ( brain tumor )

220…Jason Chu

221…Kathleen Khan

222. Brady Stokes and family

223…Ryan Ault ((( Pet Trainer )))

224…Xena ( cancer 2016 she is 20 months: Cliff’s family member )

Dogs: Patches, Jipper, Tricksey, Thyroid, Puppy, Puggy, Sussie, Johnny, Prosha, Jessie, Jake, Jerry, Zsar, Earl, Dinky, Rusty, Aussie, Hercules, Bella, Lilly

Cats: Spooky, Beulah, Peppy, Kitty, Cho-Cho, ((( Erin or Aaron ))), Adam, Aaron’s rabbit: RABBI died: 3-3-2016, Birds: Captain D, Ziggy; Lizards: snakes: fish, Our Goat: Babe

1 Samuel 12:23A (NKJV)
23 Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you;…

2 Thessalonians 3:16 (NIV)
16 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.

"Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.")…………….. 1 Timothy 1:17 (KJV)

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